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Skype + KPOP Fantasy Concert
written on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 @ 12:02 AM ✨{ 2 comments }
So there was this official news that Kpop groups SNSD and EXO are gonna come to the Philippines for the KPOP Fantasy Concert on January 2013. There were rumors also that the following groups are coming:


Filipino K-pop fans are going crazy right now because of this rumor. LOL And, I am one of them. -shots- Oh well, really can't help it. I got excited because my B1A4 was rumored to be coming here and I couldn't lose a chance of meeting them. If it's going to be confirmed that they'll be coming then I probably will go. Bigbang will be having a concert here in the Philippines by October but I'm not going. I really am trying to save to see B1A4. :3 They're my precious boys.

This night I skyped with two of my closest friends in K-pop fandom. :) They really are nice to me. :)

Meet my mom in fandom:

I didn't get to screenshot my other chat mate. Hopefully, I could webcam with you guys too! :)

Also today, I accompanied my daddy to shop from the grocery. I looked so childish because I was running around the grocery chasing my little brother. I couldn't help it; he was tickling me and then he'll run away from me! UGH. I got my desired revenge at home though so it was good. Hehehe!

I'm gonna finish this post with my fresh selcas today. :)

That was taken while I was riding a motorcycle drove by my dad. LOL Selca while on the way. :D

Just wore lenses here. -3- Totally bareface but I filtered the photos with effects. lol

I know, I'm so vain and I'm so sorry. I'll work on it next time. :) Goodnight guys! I have a class at 8AM tomorrow and it's roughly 12AM here. :3 Annyeong!!

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