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written on Sunday, August 26, 2012 @ 8:56 PM ✨{ 0 comments }

Good morning and good evening to all bloggers out there! I just feel like making a new post. But not really new like 'new' because I'm just gonna share you an old outfit photo I had found through my pictures. :D There is this habit of me of dressing up although I won't be going out anywhere.

Excuse my following photos. I'm dating food so expect that I'm this big. *ehem*

I barely own skirts and I don't really wear just any kind of skirts so I was happy to find this skirt from the thriftshop. :) It was in a good condition so I bought it. :3 I also bought the boots form the thriftshop for $2. :D I couldn't be happier. :3 They are new because I checked the foot sole and it has never been used. :) Bought the blazer and top from a certain shop in the mall that I couldn't remember. >_<

So, what do you think of it? :3


Also, I have joined a couple of giveaways. The prizes are all adorable that I had to join! lol And also, it's another way of supporting the bloggers. :) So here are they:

Just click at the photos to be directed to Tsukari's giveaway post and know further details about her cute giveaway. :) Support her guys!

I supported another blogger's giveaway too for the celebration of reaching 150 followers! Yay for her! :3

Just click at the photo to be directed to her blog. :3

The main reason why I joined this giveaway is because of the cute tortoiseshell geek glasses! ♥

Lastly, a blogger who's giving out facial masks! I like using face masks (no particular brand). It makes my face soft and fresh so I joined her giveaway. :)

Click the photo to be directed to the original giveaway post.

So I guess that's it for tonight. I hope you check their giveaways guys! (*^^*) Goodnight!

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