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written on Friday, August 24, 2012 @ 12:26 AM ✨{ 0 comments }
Hello!! Yay! I am back to blogging...again. lol I keep leaving blogger, eh? Sorry about that, I promise to be here and update as much as possible. :)

So yea, I just finished editing my blog and I am already halfway of finishing it off; just gonna have to deal with the classes and it will be done. I have to work on my chatbox's smileys too and others. Ugh, but oh well, I've missed tweaking codes! Although, I have never created an original code of mine, I still feel good about myself that I can tweak the base code I'm using into something how I want it to look. :) Don't worry, I don't remove credits and I don't acknowledge all of these to myself. Thank you for those respective owners of the codes! :3

I am really sad right now and too bad I can't vent because I really have to go to sleep now.
So, I have to go to bed now because it is already past 12AM here and I have to go to school tomorrow by 8AM and my dad is still awake I don't want him to turn off the PC through pushing AVR. lol Goodnight! ♥

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