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written on Saturday, August 25, 2012 @ 4:15 PM ✨{ 5 comments }
Hello! I'm okay now! I'm here to tell you guys what happened yesterday. I didn't get to blog it because I was very emotional last night. lol Sorry about that.

So, yesterday was Friday and I arrived at my first class late. It's some kind of a Friday routine already. Hehe My teacher is nice and we were just doing laboratory so Hazel and I usually arrive at 9.00AM together instead of 8.00AM. lol

We did some few hands-on using the command prompt; how to show hidden files using CMD and using other units as a remote to other units. We also opened the OS policy of the computer so we could change some settings. We (Hazel and I) did pretty well although we were late. Our prof didn't mind though. He was very nice actually. :)

Yesterday, there was a theater play too that I needed to watch. I was torn because the time schedule of the play is the same as to my CISCO1 subject and we have online exams there. I couldn't miss the play too because afterwards, we're gonna make a reaction paper with regards the play. Ugh, We had our laboratory exam in Object-Oriented Programming too. My friend which I always call my oppa, helped me with programming. I suck at programming and I can't even do a simple program so I am really lucky to have oppa with me. He helped me so I was able to pass it. But he couldn't do his program because our professor gave him a difficult one. Yes, it was unfair.  The program he has given to me is kinda easy.

My OOB prof actually is a fresh graduate from my school too! Some of my classmates were his classmates before. :3 We took a photo together after taking an exam. Too bad the whole class wasn't there because we had the exam by batch.

That's our prof in the middle; surrounded by chicks. Haha! And yea, that's me you see there. lol Seriously, my prof looks like a Korean. I heard that there was even a time that they were on a trip and checked into this hotel that has Korean club at the highest floor and when my prof checked the place out, they let him in because the guard thought he was a Korean. LOL And he dresses up like a Korean too! I mean, he kinda dress up like K-pop. LOL

We've finished our OOB exam by 2PM and we still had two more exams need to be taken by online at 3PM. Uh no, actually we took 5 online exams in CISCO. Ugh, I failed the two chapter exams and passed the 3 packet tracer exams. I have to do better with the chapters! And oh, I missed the play. TT^TT

I went home with Camille yesterday. We were walking home to downtown when I remembered that my dad asked me to buy printer ink at a PC shop nearby the school next to us. We spotted a group of guys that look normal to me. They looked cute and neat but I guess that's just it. I think I even had eye contact with the guy in blue, he was the one I caught looking at us.

I was flipping through my phone to see if dad sent me an address of the shop when a little girl came up to me asking for my number. She told me a guy wanted it. Everything was moving fast because it was only seconds ago when we saw the guys and now there was a little girl standing in front of me asking my number for a guy. Moreover, I got confused if the girl got me correctly or she meant she want Camille's number because seriously, no one asks for my number! LOL I asked the little girl who the guy was and he pointed to a guy who was talking to a girl which I think he still was talking with when we saw them. I looked at him and he looked back at me with his face puzzled. He didn't know what was going on so I assumed he wasn't 'that' guy. I have noticed that the other guys there was already gone and I think they hid inside 7-eleven. LOL asses.

I ignored the whole situation going and entered the PC shop, after exchanging conversation with the PC shop owner, we left the store. There we saw the guys in complete number again. I refused myself to look at their way and I made sure they couldn't see my face clearly. LOL The little girl was back in front of me now begging for my number. I gave a shrug and told her I couldn't give her my number and said sorry. We were now getting far from the place when the little ran to me again. She was like, "The guy told me he likes you." I couldn't help but get blushed you know so I said, "Thank you." then we totally left.

I kinda regretted not giving my number. After all,  they were all cuties! UGH. LOL Oh well, I think I did the best decision. I don't think I am ready for this kind of things yet. I mean, yes I do want to have a boyfriend and I want to date right now but it's just that, the whole time those happened, it didn't feel like it was right so I didn't go for it. I am already satisfied with the thought that there's still someone who could lay their eyes on me. I really thought I was that ugly to not have admirers!! LOLOL

I went home safely yesterday although it took me 2hours before arriving home. Ugh, slow public transportation sucks, >_<

Today, I just had fried chicken and egg for lunch. Didn't do anything so far other than, going online and watching Finding Nemo with my little brother. Also, I'm getting hooked up with K-Indie! I love the sound of the genre. I actually think it sounds better than K-pop! LOL Don't hate me! I think you guys should check Morrie's songs.

Thank you for reading my blog post! Do you think I could get a cutie again to ask for my number? Hehehehehe. JK.

Going to finish this blog post with my selca moments with Camille!

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