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written on Monday, August 27, 2012 @ 12:52 AM ✨{ 6 comments }
Just done watching a movie and I got emotional again. I felt heavy inside. I watched the local movie Tween Academy and its silly that it made me go emotional tonight. Ugh. Maybe because I was jealous of the casts that they had a nice ending with their partners and they had a wonderful highschool life. It's not that I had the worst highschool life but it was't the best, either. Seriously, I was bullied at school before that I think it made me get scared of people. In my entire high school days, people knew me as a quiet timid and a nerd one. They knew me as a nerdy who was always serious with things and that I'm totally boring. But no, I always loved to mingle with everyone. There was just this fear that grew in me that people would make fun of me eventually. Obviously, the bully thing that had happened to me before got me phobic until now that I'm in college. I hope I could take that big step and hide no more from my fears.

Later this evening, I have visited a nice blog that had this inspiring and touching post. I think you wonderful lovelies should check what it is. It really made me cry and wanted to meet the humble and kind old man.
That's the title of the blog post about the wonderful old man and I think its very well-suited. :) I really hope you guys could check it. :3

There is this guy that I am chatting with. He really is sweet but I don't know.. lol Oh well btw, I took few selca photos a while ago. :3 I had the guts to post em although it means showing you my bareface. No circle lenses and eye liner. Aigoo -3- Oh well, why would I even be ashamed? :)) Funny pictures from me, baby! You must be special. :">

and lastly,

Yes, I cuddle with those babies with me every night and trust me, there are still more that's left. ;D That's all for this post. Gonna read few more blog posts and will do some blog walking before I head to bed. Goodnight loves! :**

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