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written on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 @ 11:24 PM ✨{ 6 comments }

Seriously, it took me hours just to find an artwork to post here before I start off my rant. Ugh, I couldn't seem to find any good typography or artworks about friendship. I wasted 2hours searching. I used that instead because it's sorta relevant to my post.

I loved this day. It made me realize how great my friends are. They actually care about me more than I thought. Today, I left the house without bringing an umbrella because I just don't like carrying things with my hand. I always keep my things inside my backpack and bringing an umbrella is a hassle for me. I always take public transportation when going to school. Today, while on the way to school, it rained heavily. I mean, very heavy that the water would splash inside the jeep. I received a text from my guy friend.
  • Friend: It's raining. Do you have umbrella with you? 
  •  Me: No, I don't have. 
  •  Friend: I brought mine. Drop yourself at the mall and I'll pick you up there. 
My friend was very nice, not to mention we just became friends last month. Also, tonight we talked about bully thing.
  • Me: I'm paranoid that people bully me. 
  •  Friend: You just think that. It's not true.  
  •  Me: You don't know. I've been bullied before. 
  •  Friend: Well, that was before. If someone tries to bully you again, I surely will make em pay. 
Lol. I know my friend sounded overprotective but our conversation made my night. I always thought that I was alone. But no, I realized that there's still some people who care about me. Not to mention Camille whom I've been with all this time. We always treat each other like sisters. She always look out for me like I'm her little sis. I am the eldest of the family but I am so blessed because God let me feel the feeling of being the youngest and the feeling of always being taken care of.

  • Me: I always dreamed of having a brother because I am the eldest so I really am grateful that I have you and Anthony oppa. 
  •  Friend: You don't have to dream about it anymore... because I'm your brother.

Isn't he the sweetest?  Also today, my way home is different from theirs but all of them accompanied me and let me get a transportation first. They were there until the jeep drove away. They didn't leave me. They even offered that will let me go first before they go to their respective homes. I also got myself some brothers that will actually decide if who's I'm gonna date or not. I've always been the youngest in our clique because I'm only 17 and my friends ranges between 19-27 years old.

I feel very blessed you know. I thought I was already okay with my own but knowing and having someone by your side, it feels way better.

They are one of the blessings I have received from God.

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