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written on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 @ 10:49 PM ✨{ 1 comments }

Today, I went to school late again. Oh well, what's really new right? lol So yea, I really hope my crush would talk to me. Gaah, he's my classmate in a particular subject and it's almost halfway of the term and yet we haven't had a conversation together yet.  The last time I talked to this guy was last semester. We had a play in our Literature class and he was the director. I was the one who made the scenes for the play so that I won't get to act up on stage. I'd rather shoulder the writing of scenes and dialogues rather than literally going up on stage to perform.  I have stage fright and I really am not good at facing a crowd. So yea, while he was directing every scenes, I keep getting glances from him. At first, he would take a glimpse of you or two and then the next 10 minutes, he'd be looking at you more often. There was even a time I was already freaking out and kept on changing places and going to spots where he's not gonna see me. I know I kinda acted exaggerated but I really wasn't used to like this situation. If I have a crush, I mostly don't talk to him or  acknowledge his presence although in reality, I wanted to throw myself to him and never let go. lol   Then I realized why he was looking at me; he was needing few more characters and I don't know if I should be feel lucky that he called me to act as the friend of the heroine or not. Seriously, I am bad at acting. I couldn't even pull off a small lie smoothly.  So yea, he called out to me nicely and asked me if I could act as the friend of the heroine. Every time he talked to me that time, he always sounded nice and gentle. He talked to me in a very kind manner but he talked improperly to others. lol Maybe because he was super close with all of our classmates except with me because I was an international student. I sheepishly nodded and smiled every after he instructed me of what I am going to do. Maybe it wasn't obvious because I was acting very normal that time and I was getting a hold of myself but deep inside, I wanted to literally jump there in front of him and do a shuffle dance because he just talked to me!  But I couldn't do that, what would just happen to my image if I did that for real. lol

But now, it seems like he doesn't know me anymore. A while ago at school, I was walking up to 4th floor and when I got there, he was the first person I saw. He was facing me his back but I surely know it was him. Hazel called me after she saw me. Hazel is friends with him; like really close friends. They often hang out. After having a conversation with Hazel, I was walking away and I needed to pass by at them. I am not sure if what I felt was real but while I was passing by, my crush and one of his friends did acknowledge my presence. It was like their eyes were glued to me until I was already a foot away from them. I am not being delusional though. I've always been a keen observant.  And oh, I didn't know why I got a crush on him. He's dating someone for 4years now. I just like the fact that he's a smarty and he doesn't screw at school. His smile is very cute too! Just the smile. hehehe  

I have finished the story I've been reading on Wattpad just today. 28chapters in 2days.  I liked the story plot but I didn't like the ending. I was reading the last three chapters very fast; skipping what is unnecessary and always jumping off to conversations. lol I'm an impatient reader. I always want to know what's already happening and what's gonna happen next. The story of the novel btw was there was this loner girl who had her virginity taken by the bestfriend of her brother. Then this bestfriend of her brother acted up like a jerk and kept on leaving her hanging because he was too afraid to admit the has fallen for her and that the stuk up society might not accept it because he's way too popular. But when this girl has tried to change herself for the better; I mean, dressing up more appropriately in her age and coming out of her shell and making friends, it was just the time Damen (who was the bestfriend guy who slept with the girl) decided to tell the world how much the girl means a lot to him. That's just the only part of the story that I disliked. Because seriously, Damen was still a jerk.

Wattpad has been my company when I got nothing to do. I always keep it with me so I could spare time to read whenever I want to. So far, I have finished 3 stories on Wattpad. Oh, I remember, there was this e-book that I have downloaded from the internet and it was a good romance novel but I couldn't remember the title nor the author of the story.  Maybe I would check my previous posts here in blogger and will try to find if I have posted a review about that. That story I was trying to look again has also a sequel I haven't gotten to read. If I tell you what was the story all about, will you help me find it? :) Thank you loves! 

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