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Crush Adventures II
written on Friday, August 31, 2012 @ 10:54 PM ✨{ 5 comments }
Hello! I am back with a new post and it's about ONE of my crushes again. Hehee Yes, I do have a lot crushes and it isn't a crime just so you know!   Titled this as Crush Adventures Part 2 because if you remember, I have posted about my other crush just recently. Like a blog post away only.

So yea, today was Friday and I didn't make it to my first class because I badly overslept. I alarmed my phone 3 times at 5:00AM, 5.30AM and 6:00AM. I woke up every time my phone would alarm and then I'll go back to sleep. Useless alarms. lol I woke up at almost 8AM in the morning and it's the schedule time of my first class. Uh oh. Glad that my dad didn't scold me or anything. Guess he didn't know. Hehe I had this weird dream that there was a robber, checking the people inside a convenience store. I felt something inside the back pocket of my jeans and when I looked behind, there was a man who was tryin' to  rob me. He walked away from me checking the other people too then I caught his attention again. Oh, it wasn't really me who caught his attention but it's my galaxy phone. I was terrified when he asked me for my phone. I love my phone so much that I had the guts to refuse him. He was holding a gun and I didn't care. I didn't give him my phone and then there came a scene that we were both struggling for the gun. He was trying to shot me but I managed to grab the gun and then we continued struggling for it. I got a shot on my right arm but somehow, I don't know how on earth but I managed to have the gun and has shot him through his right eye. The man turned into a kid and now he was with his mom, supporting him. I don't know what happened to me but I saw myself in the dream shooting the robber kid on his right leg. His mother was yelling crazy at me why did I do that and that I had no mercy because I just shot his little helpless son. I yelled back at the mother that his son just shot me in my arm and that he tried to steal my baby (phone) !!! And then I woke up. The end. Lol Too much action for my dream but I feel awesome because I held a gun. lolol I like firing games and I play Counter Strike often with my little brother so I guess that explains that. :D

So yea, I skipped my first class and then just went to school at the time my 2nd class would start. I was wearing a pink Patrick male shirt and fitted jeans and heels. I hate when I wear heels to school. I have no choice though because my high-tops were all wet due to raining from past couple of days. And yes, I bought the male shirt one instead of the female. The female shirt had shorter sleeves that's very uncomfortable for me so I went on for the male shirt.  So yea, I was wearing a super high heels and it made me look so awkward because I became really tall. I was like, every students that will pass by me, I was looking down at them and it's weird.

About my crush adventure, it happened at our 2nd class. We were required to leave our bags in front of the room right on the platform because we weren't allowed to bring our bags with us in our seats- in front of the units. The school was afraid that we might steal their precious "near-to-breaking-down" computers. LOL I left my bag in the very corner. You know, I don't really like getting into crowd so I chose the very lonely and not so spacious corner; my bag was safer there. It was our Object-Oriented Programming class and we were assigned to program an interface of a calculator. It's like I only get something from my brain when it's about designing and something like that. I can't even make a simple program about other things but today, I was able to make an interface on my own... with a little help from my oppa. Hehe!  I had notes about JFrame so it helped me a lot. I designed my calculator very girly. I made a pink "X" symbol out of the buttons there. When I asked my prof to check my work, there was my crush, I saw him peeking through my unit and I was like, what is just a coincidence or was he really interested? I don't know. I don't talk to my crushes and it's odd that things like that would happen.

The whole room was getting busy asking my prof to check their works and the others, well, they're busy asking our other classmates to make a program for them. lol After getting my work checked, I headed in the front to get my work and leave. Then there I saw my bag, safe and sound beside my crush's bag!! And it's not just like that, this has happened TWICE already! The first time was last Friday, it was Friday too when I saw his bag leaning against mine. I had to hold it and put it aside. Then today, I saw our bags having a date. LOL I couldn't really believe it because I just chose the very corner and hello!!!!!! the corner wasn't very noticeable and yet there was his bag, cuddling mine. lolol I don't know if all of these were just mere coincidence! But I always notice things with him. Like on our lecture subject, he would always sit in the row behind where I'm sitting; We had numerous eye contacts already and it's just so sad that after being in a class with him for how many semester, we still haven't had a talk to each other.  Aigoo. 

I don't have the powers to approach him and I have no plans of doing that either. My oppa James, he told he he could just ask him and kinda lure him to me. LOL I didn't like the idea though. Although I have a thing for this cute guy, I don't I'd like to date him. My Shinbear and Inoo Kei will always be my hubbies! I am married to them so no dating guys for now. Hehehehe

My friend sent me an e-book of the Fifty Shades of Grey something. I'm gonna read it tonight. Finishing this post with my selca yesterday! I just feel like posting my face. Forgive me lovelies!


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