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Mall Time
written on Sunday, December 18, 2011 @ 5:28 PM ✨{ 1 comments }
Hello!! :)
I know it has been a decade since the last time I posted on my blog again.
I planned to blog something 5days ago but then ugh, I can't squeeze anything from my head. It has been occupied by CNU. hehe

How do you like my new layout? ^^ I don't use skins from anymore. I'm having a hard time editing codes here and there you know. And oh, I almost forgot to tell you guys that I've changed my URL from to :) I thought that I must create a unique name for myself and I'm not going to use anything related to my biases because there will be the time that I'm gonna change whom I'm gonna stalk and so on. Hehehe

To my dearest fave reads and affiliates,
There must have been a time you've been locating my page address but you couldn't. I am sorry if I didn't tell you guys earlier than I could cos I've been acting so weird and very lazy. D: So through this post, I want to tell you guys that I'VE CHANGED MY URL!! You can relink me now please. :) Thank you!

Yesterday, my mom told us that we're going to the mall. It was very sudden actually.

 Meet my mom!! :D

We arrived at the mall around 17:00. Pretty late. QoQ We first ate @ KFC then headed to shop. I didn't buy anything much though. I'm strictly saving my allowance to for B1A4's PHOTOBOOK!! I thank the mall for not selling more of pretty stuffs because I wasn't that tempted to spend much. :P But yesterday, I've noticed that tummy became aggressive towards food. Whenever I see food stalls around, my tummy grumbles TT_TT I was hungry all day yesterday.

The real reason why we went to a mall it is because my little sister needed a new getup for their Christmas party at school. So while they were busy finding clothes for her, I tried out a cardigan in a fitting room. Well, actually, the reason why I went to the fitting room wasn't because I really want try some clothing on or something. It was just simply because I want to take a photo of me, whole body. Trololol ;))

Hehehehee. :DD

Afterwards, my mom let my lil brother ride a few rides and my lil sister and I went to try out some game machines @ Quantum. There were no photos taken cos we're all busy enjoying our moments. Hehee I enjoyed playing the machine where you're going to blobk the area of the given steps and all. It's a dancing game tho. Sorry I'm not capable of elaborating it to you guys. //fail

Taken @ Quantum.

Me and my lil sister.

After visiting few stores, we went to buy snack and headed home.

I only got to buy a new phone case for my SGSII and 2 deco sheets @ DigiBabe store. Then bought bath salt, body wash, facial mask and hydrating hair mask @ Watsons. The rest of my budgeted allowance for yesterday went to foods. Hehee

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