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Is so much Fun + Commissioned Legwarmer
written on Thursday, December 29, 2011 @ 8:34 PM ✨{ 11 comments }

Hello!! How is everyone doing? How did you spend your Christmas guys? Was it fun? I really hope so! :)) I had a great Christmas- being able to spend in front of the computer while my bias was online. Kekeke

Just awhile ago, I was with my former classmates aka my Kpop-fans-friends-living-nearby Aurelia and Rolito to do something.
We met up to accompany my dear Aegyo-chan Aurelia to the salon.

But we ended up strolling in the mall.

 Mall-c han, sorry if we played few of your stuffs. Keke

Yay! Huge CNU-bear! Keke~ ♥

Cute Au-chan. :3

We spent most of our time together eating and talking about how hot our fave Kpop idols could get. XD Especially CNU-oppa! *u*

:) It's been a while since I went out of the house just to meet up with friends and so.

I don't really spend most of my time doing outdoor stuffs cos I love slacking off more. :PP

So, these were the items I bought a while ago because they were on sale! ♥u♥

(2pcs of Eyelashes, Cute white kuma earphones, a box of cute plasters.)

So that's it. I went home drenched in the rain. XD

Last Dec26, my commissioned legwarmer just arrived. :) I was waiting for this my whole life. :))

I like it when I first saw it.

But I was kinda disappointed because it rly got some noticeable flaws. I was able to fix it naman.

The only thing my concern til now is it's color. the left and right aren't look the same in color. >< And also, the color of this is like the color of my skin! O.o I was like, what the?!

But then again, those won't stop me from wearing these. Heheheheee~

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