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I heart Android
written on Friday, November 4, 2011 @ 9:40 PM ✨{ 3 comments }

It's been a while again :)

I'm sick at the moment and I hope everyone is doing good; not sick and all. ^ ^

Lately, I've been into android stuffs and such so lemme have this post to rant you guys about the few android apps that I'm currently into.

This is how the inner looks of my phone looks like.
Pink Overload!
Spot the Hatsune Miku icons? keke

My Top 5 Fave Android Apps:

Top5: Bouncy Mouse

I love this game! The tiny mouse is too cute and I love it when it bounces! Although I always get the tiny mouse hit the bad bees making me stay long in a certain level, I still can't get enough with the way the mouse creates cute sounds and bounces like so cute! <33 Tiny mouse is also capable of kicking the big cat off and getting the scrumptious cheese! keke

Top4: Meitu XiuXiu
I'm glad that Xiamen Meitu Technology Co., Ltd. made an android app of this awesome photo editor! This is my default photo editor program when I want to edit photos in the computer. And now that I have this on my phone already, it is very convenient for me to just edit the photos directly on my phone and not on the PC anymore. :)) Cool new effects too!
I edited this from meitu android app version:

Top3: Paint Joy
It may not be obvious but hey, I love doodling too! Although I know for a fact that I can never make any cute doodles, I'm still hook to it. And this app is the best! I love the various brushes available in this app especially the neon!
I doodle Hey!Say!JUMP's Kei's name. :))
Forgive me for my awful writing ><

Top2: Fruit Slice game
I can't get enough of this game! I play this every morning and every night. :) I love the slicing sounds it makes and the sliced fruits look so real! I love it when I slice heaps of fruits in one slide. keke

Top1: Deco Pic

I super love this photo editor app! *trololol* Its like, the best app for mimicking Japan's purikurira. :) The stamps, frames, and neon brushes are the best! <33

See what I mean? ww

Miyo - Kaori - Minako

So I guess that's it. :) Thanks for finishing the post until here. :33

What are the Android apps the you like or you can recommend? :))

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