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Selcas and Fansigns
written on Friday, October 21, 2011 @ 5:07 PM ✨{ 3 comments }
I love the illustration above. keke

Hello! <33 Back again with a new post.
Today, I'm gonna talk about what I like to do in the future.

I suddenly thought of processing my passport. 
I want to have a passport.
I know someone who processed her passport by herself by not asking any fees and payments from her parents.
Isn't that cool and awesome?
I bet I can do that as well.
But I spend too much of my allowances by just eating lorh~. *fail*

I also want to have a job right now.
Although I'm only sixteen, I bet I can manage to have a job right now.
Part-time jobs will do since I'm still studying.
If I'll be able to have a job, i guess I won't be having any money problems anymore. :DD

And also, I want to achieve something.
I want to be better with something, something good because I am really no good with anything.
Ah yea, being a total lazy-headed bum is my profession la. XD
I'm good at it but I still want more.
I want to be good in a decent and good way. :)

 Last night, I rushed the fansigns my two classmates were asking me.
I wasn't able to make one for them the time they asked me because connection at home was down for like, weeks.

For Twi and DMG. :33

For my awesome co-fangirl, Dais. <33
Sorry, I look wasted. Baggy eyes and err~ Photos were taken late in the evening.

I don't really appreciate the lenses I usually wear now.
I mean, it Geo CK-107 is really different from what I wore before; a 14.5mm blue lenses.
I think 14mm lenses like Geo CK-107 is pretty small for my eyes.
I want to try Sugar Candy Brown but then I can't find any OL shops located here in my country that's selling one.

Okay, moving on.. last October 13th, my dad sent me an allowance for getting a new phone.
It was a late birthday gift from him.
I wasn't expecting that he'd be this serious of getting me my ideal phone which is Samsung Galaxy S2!
I was really happy when he told me about this!
October 13th was the schedule of my exam and I was grateful I wasn't that bothered and distracted of having a new phone on the same day. :PP

"Daddy, thank you for giving me a new phone! <33 I know you worked real hard for it so I'm gonna work hard as well to give you pleasing marks with my studies. :3 Hey, I'm a good girl. :D I love you and I know you know that. :33 <33

Taken last night, 10-21-2011.
And oh, to read about some specs of this phone, you can just go over with this link.
Don't mind my home-screen wallpaper, btw. He's just my husband. hoho <333
64unread messages you see there as well.
A pig-rabbit plush phone charm. :)
The day I purchased the phone, I also bought two plush phone charms- Blue's Clue's Blue and Lilo And Stitch's Stitch. :))
Those were bigger than that pigrabbit, I swear!
I took 'em off cos those were the ones which was making the phone heavy. D:

Selca using the phone.

Sorry for failing of giving you interesting posts guys. I will work better next time.
Thanks for reading! :)

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