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Fan Fiction Review - The Shadows
written on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 @ 11:05 AM ✨{ 2 comments }
The Shadows
"Sacrificing not for the happiness of the one you love- but to just keep her alive is enough. Even sacrifice more than what it cost, more than everything. Is maybe, the truest type of love."

The Shadows  [Complete]

Characters: Kwon Jiyong, Sandara Park, Kim Jaejoong, Choi Sulli
Last updated on 3-3-2011 19:01:10 

Just to keep you guys from being confused, I am NOT the writer of this story. Hagocimit is. In fact, I'm just a silent reader! kekeke It would be awkward if someone will ever think that a writer would make a review of her OWN work and spazz like she was surprised and amazed with how the story ended. XD And also, this post is 100% my opinion. :))


I’m eager to go to bed tonight. I had one hell of a tiring day.
I saw a crow as sinfully black as the night perched on my opened window the moment I entered my room.
Instead of shooing the creature away, I beckoned it in, smiling.
The crow fluttered its wings and flew towards my direction. My smile grew wider as a boy, almost my age stood in front of me.
As I was about to greet him, I heard a different male voice calling my name softly, gently.
I looked round and saw another boy slowly walking towards me. He stopped beside the first one and looked at me.
Both were looking at me quite intently, as if asking me to choose between them. . .
Choice or fate?
Destiny or decision?

Beyond words to describe the awesomeness of this fan fiction!

I am starting to read again a new story of Hagocimit since I am already done with The Shadows but I'm going to have a short break.

I didn't post anything yesterday so I'm gonna take my time with this post. :)

Achievement!! I've finished the 76-chapter story for 1day and 2sleepless nights!

Man, that was really.. something. XD

It is not really surprising for me to be totally SURPRISED again with how Hagocimit finished off the fan fiction.
I cried over her works for a million times yet I still find myself crying over and over again because of it.
It was tears of joy, sadness, pleasure and satisfaction!
I felt really really awful towards the guy for being evil! Or maybe beyond evil if that thing still exist!
Aside from feeling awful towards the guy,  I pitied him the most!
His sacrifices are beyond what man can do; or what man can ever think of to do.
A sacrifice in disguise, I must say.

I can't believe a beyond-evil person like the character in the story would actually GIVE his ALL (or more than his ALL) for the girl he wanted to get rid out of his life before.
He doesn't make decisions for others nor what is best for himself.
He just found himself uncontrollably protecting the girl with his life and uncontrollably falling for her.

I wonder if there is still a guy that would be willingly die and go on to die and die over and over again just to keep you alive although it's hatred and loathe towards him is what left in you.

Someone that can be overprotecting, secretly possessive, and really aggressive because of you and that someone can find the calmness in his heart because of you, too.

As for the leading lady of the protagonist, she sure is stupid, spoof, witty and so stubborn!
But it can't be underestimated for it really tamed the guy deeply into his bones.
He had a perfect boyfriend before who loved her deeply but he chose the devil guy over him.
It's not fate, she just made her choice.
It was the most unbelievable choice she had chose for herself.
She still hang on the guy with forgiveness and love despite of all the lives that have been perished in the hands of the devil guy.
But you can't really blame the devil guy, he did those for her.

And as for the antagonist, the writer gave a wise and sensible thought:
Outside looks can be really deceiving.
From innocence to lust.
From love to hatred.
From friends to enemies.
You don't who you're trusting and betraying.

I am going to give this story 10/10. :)

Sorry. I am not really good with reviewing stuffs and I am a merely noob so I'd be happy if you could just bare with it guys. :DD

And I'd be more than happy if you'll check the fan fiction out and finish it until the end. :)

The story has a sequel, BTW! *winks* ;D

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