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written on Thursday, October 27, 2011 @ 6:42 PM ✨{ 1 comments }
So smile! :)

Hello again! As you've noticed, my recent posts are sort of revolving around fictions, stories, books, reading, and such.
I don't have any intentions of going out of the house for I am badly broke. D:

I've been spending the rest of my semester-break days with reading.
I even got a heavy migraine yesterday which I assumed that I got from not reading anything at all yesterday.
Then it's kind of weird and funny when I spared some time reading last night and the pain of my temples has ebbed away! YAY! :))

Since my fave fiction writer, Hagocimit, is somewhat on hiatus and probably will not be able to update her stories this week, I googled some free e-book sites for me to download and read on.

These are the few e-books I thought to be interesting.

Genre: Mystery
The town of Hustle has a new private eye, and his name is After Coffman. His first case, and After is finding it anything but business as usual. He has no client, no money, and too many suspects. In line for After's scalp are drug lords, gun runners, and the Hustle Homicide Department. Each wants a piece of him, but After's greatest foe may be an old black cat named Soot.

Genre: Youth
What would you do if you found yourself trapped in a movie rental store at ten o’clock at night? Just you and a one prank-calling psycho right out of a B-Grade horror movie. Fifteen-year-old Stacey has just started working part-time in the Video Saloon, a run down, cruddy old video store. She needs the money, as her widowed father is finding it increasingly difficult to cope at home and work. She also finds herself involved in a pirated DVD ring where it’s easy to get in, but not so easy to get out. The ring leader wants revenge, but Stacey discovers revenge can work both ways.

Genre: Youth
Read the story of Sara Crewe, a pupil at Miss Minchin's School in London, who is left in poverty when her father dies; but is later rescued by a mysterious benefactor.
Genre: Youth
Anne of Green Gables is a children's book written by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery; it was first published in 1908. Montgomery found her inspiration for the book in a newspaper article describing a couple that was mistakenly sent an orphan girl instead of a boy, yet decided to keep her.

I downloaded those from

I was lucky to find an e-book of my fave author, Hunter Morgan.
I've just read Hunter Morgan's She'll Never Tell and I liked it very much.
I am into mysteries and suspense thing so I really go for this book.
The book has very interesting story and I believe this is series-storied book.
I feel bad that I was only able to read She'll Never Tell and not the other book series.
Hopefully, I can find these two books online:
She'll Never Live
She'll Never Know

Moving on, this is the e-book of Hunter Morgan I just saw from the internet.
Casey McDaniels knows the unbearable consequences of domestic violence - and the darkness that can swallow a life. An advocate for victim's rights, Casey is giving key testimony in the arraignment of the man who savagely murdered her best friend. But to her horror, he's set free...He's hiding in plain sight, following a plan that has worked before, performing each move with exact precision, waiting for the perfect moment to strike again - and this time, the victim will be Casey McDaniels...At first, Casey suspects her friend's killer is following her. She's receiving threats over the phone and bizarre messages in the mail - strange, childlike drawings of human eyes. But then Casey starts to have doubts. Could someone else be stalking her? As Casey enters a deadly cat-and-mouse game, she soon comes face-to-face with her stalker - and her worst nightmare.
I hope I can finish this all. Satisfaction, that's it. I hope I can find satisfaction by reading these. :)

And I hope by the time I'm done with these, Hagocimit will be back now for her awaited update. :)

Till then! <33

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