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CNU and some recommending
written on Saturday, October 22, 2011 @ 8:48 PM ✨{ 3 comments }
He goes by the name C.N.U! <33

Good day everyone! How did u spend your day? If you're going to ask me, I spent my day reading fiction stories. I have this favorite fiction writer who always use Bigbang's G-dragon and 2NE1's Dara Park. She's known by the name Hagocimit.
I can even recall that I influenced a friend of reading Hagocimit's work.
She's just unbelievably great and elite with her writing skills and picturing scenes.

I think I've read about 5 or 6 finished stories of and all of them are good!
I am currently reading her work, The Shadows.
The link will direct you to the archive of her works.
Better check out her works or you'll miss a worth-reading fictions you'll ever read in your life.
Yea, I sound very bias and highly recommending you to really check her works out. :33

I just can let this post pass without I, featuring my favorite fiction done my Hagocimit.


Stubborn Hearts. <33
To read about my previous post about this fiction, here's the link.


What will happen when two opposite worlds collide?
What will happen when fire and ice clash?
What will happen when good and bad fight?
What will happen when two stubborn hearts fall in love?
Okay. I must admit the forewords wasn't that very catchy for the readers but as I really went on reading the prologue, I got stuck myself by reading and even finishing the whole story!

I must say the story's pretty long and contains adventurous scenes holding 56 chapters. 
But it was really worth it. I found myself beyond satisfied with that I've read. :3
Every sleepless nights I traded for this worth it.

I'm not trying to be so bias here. Not to mention my favorite among 2PM members, Wooyoung and 2NE1's Dara Park were featured on this.

If EVER you're gonna read on this, you'll find a quick impression:
Love and Hate concept.
Cat-Dog love relationship.
Oh, did I just say cat? It's appropriate to use the word "wild cat", though. keke

By the way, the photo above, which is CNU. There's something up that's why I posted his photo there.

When I first knew about the group B1A4, their leader first caught my attention.
As anyone can remember, I even posted an entry about him here.
And I unintentionally found this video that made me NOTICE dear CNU.
He's sitting beside Jinyoung, in the front row.
If you ever played the video, you'll see that's he quite a shy-type and just enjoys the atmosphere silently.
And you know.. I really have something for this kind of guy!
And if you EVER (really ever!) noticed, he was like biting his lower lip while headbanging to the beat of the song!
Oh God, that was really heaven! * o*
I did some further research about him and I found out that he was born the same month as mine!
Oh dear.. You don't know how I happy I was when I knew about that! *shallow*
And I thought that it must fate then that let our paths cross. *as if* XD

So yea, I'm making him as my Kpop top bias now over Taeyang. :DD
I'll try to know about him more and will also try to not cheat on him.
You know, a lot of hotties and cuties exist in the Kpop industry. :PP

My current and former. :3
I still find Jinyoung very attractive and cute though. >< *curse me*

9. Your ideal type?"Someone who is motherly-like, who could understand me. An intelligent and sensible girl."

Okay. I'm a bit offended. LOL He wants mother-like girls, eh? I bet he has something for noonas (older sister). What about me? I'm too childish for him. >< *shots*

Gaaaaaaahd! Not that lower-lip-licking or sticking-tongue-out pose! *nosebleeds*
He somewhat resembles Hey!Say!JUMP's Ryutaro Morimoto:

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