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Doll + Wish Lists
written on Thursday, September 22, 2011 @ 9:30 AM ✨{ 10 comments }

I somehow wanted to look like a doll.
Hello guys! It's been a while ne? I am sorry. I am still on hiatus but then I just can't leave my blog totally so I thought of updating it once in a while; I mean like, one post a month? keke

Recently, I have been good. In some ways, not.

Semi-finals just got done and believe me, I didn't get myself to study so expect not-so-good-or-in-short-worst remarks. Oh well, I know I still have Final exams so I am not really worrying that much. keke

We did ballroom dance on our PE exam, btw. I even rushed myself to get a blazer and heels in the mall at the last minute before the exam. So yea, I didn't get to practice with them before the performance. My teacher did not like our perf and wanted us to re-make the whole thing. Unfortunately, my teammates don't want it anymore and just prefer a low grade. I did agree, hell yea.

Last Monday, I tried to doll myself up. I just got my new circle lenses from Ms. Nory last Sunday. It's Geo's CK-107 black lens. I love it so much that I am using it everyday. Just perfect for everyday errands because it won't get you look that much haggard. It looks very natural at least on me, so I am not having any hard  time now answering questions from strangers if I have contacts on or not.

Oh well, here's a photo of me last Monday.

I know it is not enough and it's way far from Gyaru style or something. But I think my looks got different compare before, ne? I used to just pack my face with powder before but now, I can't leave the house without lenses and eyeliner on me. I'm growing up, ne? ww

Recently, I've been into cardigans and boots. My country doesn't cold that much and its very hot here because it's a tropical country. But even so, I can't help but admire the winter season trends! From baggy sweatshirts to furry boots! I just can't take my eyes off 'em!

Here's a photo of the to-die-for cardigan.

Pretty, isn't it? It's knit style adds up more attraction to me. <33

And about the boots, I don't like any in particular. But in general, I love 'em! Especially those furry ones!

And also, I've eyed this super cute leg warmers! I think Japanese people especially Gyarus often have this kind of legwarmers.

Cute, adorable and furry right? keke I wonder where I can buy those on the internet.

I've been saving up my allowance for my personal wants. I even give up visiting KFC for it. D: I am pretty broke and will always be until December.

2011 is being such a poor year to me. LOL

This is my 100th post BTW and Happy 5th month old to my dear blog! <33

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