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1st ..
written on Wednesday, August 17, 2011 @ 1:08 PM ✨{ 3 comments }
..Cosplay convention to attend! *jumps high*

It took me so while again for my new post. I was suppose to blog about this last Sunday night but then I was effing tired that when I woke up last Monday morning, I found myself still wearing my outdoor outfit. >:P

At last, the day I've been waiting for came. I was in a big tr-TROUBLE when my friends sent me a message that they can't make it up to the Cosplay event. I can't even tag Kim along with me because she has an appointment that moment on. Gladly, I begged my sister to come with me and she's cool with it. :3

I planned to wear my new shirt and an old denim skirt. Well, wearing a skirt or jeans has been a big dilemma to me for the past week! I always loved skirts and mini shorts but I don't have this much confidence in me.

** photo heavy.

Sorry. Messy here at my place. Idk if you can call it home. :p

This was my fixed outfit that I planned to wear on Sunday but I ended up wearing jeans. FAIL. TT_TT *knocks my head*

I went to SM Rosales with my sister to watch the cosplay event! ^^

This was while waiting for the van.

I camwhored inside the van and people were like staring at me. Ooooopsy!

As we arrived at the mall, we looked for the event center and it took us so while before we found it! * o*

At first, I can't put myself in the event center for I was astonished with how cosplay and toy display events are being held. *ignorant* I've never attended such events before and seeing myself inside the event made my heart thumps so rapid as if I saw my crush.

My fave among their toys is Hatsune Miku figure!

After an hour, the event started. They just left few words and decided to start off the program with mini games. I didn't have any prizes because Idk much of the animes they are pointing out.

The next to the program is the "How to Draw Manga" by the artist of an anime magazine here in the Philippines. Yep, the artist director of Otakuzine made himself in the event!

To start off, he asked everyone to join and come up on the stage for the tutorial but we, only few, went. I didn't have any intention of going there, though. My cosplayer classmate just asked me to and I can't refuse.

The guy in the red suit is hot, btw. XDD

I suck at drawing, I know. That's why I never wanted to join this tutorial from the first place.
I got these two photos from SM City Rosales FB page.

The artist director taught us to draw a frontal view of Naruto.


Wasted Naruto XD

Photos with some Cosplayers

They have given out stickers but I failed to get what I really want. I saw a kid who has the Hatsune Miku one and I asked her that I'm going to trade her my 2stickers for her Hatsune Miku. She ignored me. I was pissed. >:|

We went home late. Before heading home, we took out food from KFC.

I had these as my dessert. Hoho~ Mashes potatoes tower!

I hope in the next year cosplay event, I will be able to cosplay too!

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