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Under your umbrella
written on Thursday, July 28, 2011 @ 11:01 AM ✨{ 5 comments }

First thing in the morning, I saw you
Standing outside, looking at me too.
It feels good someone stares at me with beautiful eyes
I can say, he's just not like other guys.
I stuck my tongue out, teasing cutely,
You curved a smile, and heaven I was trembling.
With your nutty jokes, you don't know how you make me happy
Knowing our hands intertwined, I fall for you easily.
I asked you if we can go home together
I was still shy, but it's fear I conquer.
You patted my head and said yes,
I wanna ask God why am I this blessed.
I even asked your teacher if I can sit myself in to your class,
The moment I stepped in myself in your room, you were abashed.
Sat at the corner for sky to see,
A moment sometime, you followed me.
There you go again with jokes you cracking,
You didn't know but were only the two in the room die laughing.
You let me listen to your favorite song,
But for you to sing me a lullaby I long.
We didn't mind for we have a world of our own,
Willing to share moments, with you till dawn.
Classes done, ready to go home already
Saw the black sky and it rained suddenly.
Umbrella of mine was nowhere to find,
You asked if I have mine and then I lied.
We passed the exit and I just stand behind,
Now I can't go home with you, I wanted to cry.
You grabbed me from my shoulder and lead me to your side,
I looked up to you, but then you just smiled.
It was just so sweet of you to take care of me,
To shade me under your umbrella as if I'm your baby.
Your shading is the witness of my secretly love for you,
Enjoying each others' company yet you don't have a clue.
Even so, I wanted to stay like this, with you always,
Be grateful forever for you are such God's grace.
Even if TOGETHER wasn't the word that defines us two,
By my stupidity and your sweetness we just acted as if we do.
Contentment and exuberance will load my life until the end,
Even if we just stay, forever will be friends.

もわ〜ん(((愛〜ヽ( ̄▽ ̄)/〜愛)))もわ〜

Today's poem for today's happening. 萌(♡´∀`♡)え Pretty long, eh? XDD Yea, this really happened; well, almost of the poem's contents really happened but some did not. I was just in need to add some details to make it sweeter. But I think I failed. XDD Bare with me guys. m( __ __ )m

By the way, we're gonna be doing a speech on my English subject and I'm afraid it'll worsen my grade. ◇ヽ(*ヘ*)ノ マイリマシタ Although I'm a bit excited about it, I really feel scared of imagining myself in front of my classmates. I'll feel small like Stuart if so.(笑)

I'm gonna be preparing for this practicum for me to catch up with better grades. You as well, pretties! Do your best in anything you do. (=^人^=)オ・ネ・ガ・イ♪


I'm gonna be watching two Korean horror movies tonight; The Red Shoes and The Wig. Movie marathon tonight and break from studying. XDD Goodnight kitties! ♪ ♪


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