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Under your umbrella
You are for her and not for me.
Loneliness without you.
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Dream come true.
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Love and Hate
written on Saturday, July 30, 2011 @ 10:14 PM ✨{ 4 comments }

My heart can't decide
Yet I cannot deny
The love and hate I feel for you inside.
Being with you felt so like heaven;
Yet hell was I discerned without you here again.
Why, why, why did you make me fall like this?
Yet you fill others with your sweetest kiss.
Being good-hearted you just showed me enough,
Partly my fault cos I expected too much.
Is this how its hard to love w/o loving you back
Because the pain is killing me and it hurts so bad.


I wept last night because my heart felt so heavy. TT_TT

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