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Loneliness without you.
written on Monday, July 25, 2011 @ 6:06 PM ✨{ 7 comments }

Will you be lonely if you don't ever get to see me anymore?

For if so, I'll feel the same way.
To say it's alright although it's not okay.
Loneliness was what I felt when the word YOU still doesn't exist.
Now we part ways, what we have are only memories.
Off to the darkness, sad and gloomy place.
Hugs and kisses for me to reminisce.
Why is it so sad thinking you'll be gone in my side.
Will the pain be mutual too if I'll be gone in your life?

Kyaa~ I made a poem; first poem I posted on my blog. :3 I started writing when I was in my 1st year high school and did stop the hobby for I feel so inferior when it comes to it. And now, I have the guts to make one again for I feel inspired by Ayu, a bloggie friend! \(^ ^)/ Even if you don't know that you inspire me this much, I wanna say, ありがとうー♪!

This day had been so not good. (ToT) I already got my scores on my other subjects and come to think of it, I failed my English exam. (*´ο`*)=3 はふぅん I was totally surprised! Having mixed emotions and such. I feel so bad, really. Pre-elimination exams is what most people call the EASY MODE of exams. But but, I did fail it and got unsatisfying scores with Filipino subject. Fuu~ This is what I get from not studying and all to do is just be a lazy-headed crap. ―(T_T)→ サクッ I guess, this semester is ain't for me after all. Even if I'm pretty down that I was able to eat heaps of food this day, I still find a hope in me to do better and much better next examination.

To be honest, encountering a number of top students is a pressure and having no one you wanna talk to in the class makes me very sad. I think that's why when I was in school, all I ever thought was going home early or reckoned that if ever I was with my friends that time. But, I really should get over and do better for it'll be my life that will suffer in the end, でしょう? だから、I'll really do my very best to overcome this endless dilemma of my life and start a better career. 八(^□^*) タノム!! I'm gonna be needing everyone's support. :3 (*^^*)ポッ

Everyone, let's do our best to have satisfaction in life, ね? I'll support you all! (*^^)^*) ☆Chu!!

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