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written on Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 10:25 PM ✨{ 9 comments }
I've been posting entries that I don't know how will I classify or tag it in a label. I mean, it just have to be in "personal" label but I'm really running out of Title posts. I felt like my words are being scared off. XD

Anyways, last Saturday, I was supposed to get my 2 teeth extracted. But I wasn't able to for we arrived at the dentist so late and just a while ago, we went again and they just re-scheduled me on Saturday for I need to take some pre-medications already. It's so kind of the dentist to care about the pain I might get suffer from. :3 I just hope I can make it on Saturday without any pain and then I'll have my braces soon!

I really have this wrong placement/position of my jaw so it needs to be fixed. It was so late of me to do this but I just hope it can still be prevented. :)


The photos (except the last 2 photos) are non-edited so flaws and all are clearly visible. :PP


Cam-whoring with Kim as always :33

So we just headed to McDonalds. I cam-whored while waiting for the food. Geez, I take heaps of photos O_o (Lotsa photos ahead showing my endless pout. :3)

That day as well, I bought a top and a blazer of it.
I know, I'm fat. :|

I think this dress is suitable for formal occasions. :) It is very LACE-ish and the cloth is very soft. I looked so fat with it though.

Okay. I've photo-spammed a lot. Off to read. Bye bye! :*

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