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Gyaru Makeup Attempted + My crush Prolouge. XD
written on Monday, July 4, 2011 @ 7:04 PM ✨{ 3 comments }

I won't mind having wooden house as long as I have a room like this.

Yesterday, we went to my uncle's place for it was his birthday. We just visited him just for a while then headed back home. Yesterday as well, I tried the "gyaru" make-up. Although I don't have the proper make-up materials for it, I still went for it.

What do you think? It doesn't look like gyaru, though. Hihi~ :PP

I'll try better next time. :3

This was what I wore yesterday. I looked dumb and fugly TT_TT

Honestly, people kept on staring at us. I don't know why. But I have a hunch it's because we look different. I mean, such outfit and make-up style is pretty non-popular here in my place. But I find ourselves not really different. ??? Awkward. :P

Kim and I wore our fave clothing we saw in a certain section of the department store. Hopefully I can buy that dress I just wore and saw! It is really cheap but I can't afford to buy it at that time. I'm pretty broke. Fuwaa~ TT_TT Probably, I'll grab this with my own money when I ady have so mom will be proud of me so she can buy me one again as a reward. Hihi~ *grins*

This was Kim's outfit, btw. Pretty similar with mine for we talked about it. Hihi~ :PP People say we look like twins! :) She's like my cousin / best friend. :3 We really get along so well! Me at the back.

Today, I was heading out of the school when my former-slash-still-classmates-in-other-subjects called me and asked me to join their teeny weeny bonding. They're all guys, btw. Have I told you before I was pretty the only gal in our block last semester? Yes, I was and I miss it. I mean, I went a long with them so nicely that I want them to be my forever classmates! They're guys but they talk to me the way my new gal classmates don't. It's inappropriate for just a gal to be with tons of guys but with my situation, I find it not-so-wrong. They approached me last semester like I am not alone or ignored in the class. I prefer them, really. I prefer their jokes for it was all funny! Minus the green ones for I don't join them in that part. I'm still a girl and they respect me. :3

And a compliment from my classmate flattered me much. He said I lose a lot of weight! Kyaa~ ^^ Hihi. A while ago was the best. They chit-chatted with me like they haven't seen me for years and as if they don't see me at school everyday.

I was hoping my crush were there, too. It's like this, I have this closest buddy among all of them. Gonna name him, Thomas. He's half-American and half-Filipino. He was the first guy who said "Hello" to me last semester; the first one who approached me. That time, I liked him. Yea, past tense, LIKED. My infatuation towards him last semester lasted for a day and it stopped until now. We became close friends. We always talk and laugh - I'm really enjoying his lousy boastfulness. :P But I didn't know I'll end up liking him AGAIN. He and his cousin joke about me being courted by him and being his girl and such but I wasn't really taking it so seriously. He even got interested with my cousin. But hell, I got head over heels with him. There was really a time where I can't stop myself laughing with all the things he does.

LMAO. I can't believe I'm telling you guys about this. I mean, it's ridiculous for real. You guys might have your brain now twirled for you don't understand a word about what I'm saying for I haven't tell you further infos about this. But, can't help myself. The more I deprive, the more it gets worse. I deprive this feeling for I REALLY DON'T WANT THIS. It's just so wrong. He's not the type of guy I often like and neither he does feel the same towards me.

So going back, he wasn't there. He just passed through us with a girl; they were heading to the building where they'll have their next class soon. He didn't bother to stop by and just say hi. First time of ignoring us- me. I hate myself for being like this. It's really my fault, well, partly. Whenever I get a crush on someone, I'll start acting so strangely that I'll really mess up! I was holding back this feeling and trying to act so normal but I just couldn't. I can't be this BEST ACTRESS. So yea, I can't still get over with what happened a while ago. It was so not like him! :( *pouts* After answering my classmate's homework, I left. But I did feel good somehow; being with the people who made me happy and laugh after a long quiet and sad day with my new classmates. I just hope it'll happen more often! ^^ And I hope he'll be with us. :3

I think I'll just make a post about my love life. Hoho~ XDD

Take care everyone! I miss all of you. :3

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