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Gyaru Make-up 2nd attempt + Funny videos of me! XD
written on Saturday, July 9, 2011 @ 2:17 PM ✨{ 3 comments }
Hello beautiful earthlings! How did your week go? Was it pretty good? Or the other way round? Whatever it is, just put on a smile on your faces and everything will be just fine. :) Okay? ^^

This week, I've attempted Gyaru (or not) make-up for so many times this week and I've been wearing it almost everyday at school. But I didn't make it so obvious so I won't catch any attention. I hate it. So last July 5th, Tuesday, I took some a lot of photos of me. I've camwhored, I know. :)) I was still in my new P.E uniform that I am loving so much because it's so comfy! I usually wear fit tops and jeans that's making me hard to breathe. :P

I know, I look like a grade schooler and not Uni student. * 3*

Kyaa~ I'm pretty chibi/short O____o

This was my usual make-up at school:

Just emphasized my eyes with liquid eyeliner and just put on a thin pressed powder.
Have put on mascara on my lashes and wore a blue-14mm lenses.
I didn't put anything on my lips for I am not fond of putting any. :P

Silly pout. :))

You could just view my Flickr account for more photos. :))

. . . . . . . .

This photo was taken up in my bed so the lightning is pretty different. :3

I did some re-touch that time; just making my lashes look longer with AVON's superCurlacious mascara and overlapping it for many times.

LMAO. No bottom lashes on my left eye. XD I forgot to emphasized it as well. :P Hehe SORRY :3

It will be a BIG THANK YOU to those Gyaru make-up, Fashion, Skin care bloggers and such for I am learning from you guys! I thank you so much! :* You got a bunch of kisses and hugs from me. For real. ^^ I hope you guys will inspire me and us more. :3 You know who you are. No one is an exemption. :) Thank you!

And at last, I'll be ending this post with my funny moments Aegyo-ing (if that's what we or I can call) at the camera. XD

I've got a loose schedule this week so I was able to play around like that not caring about school. XD

(I LOOK CRAZY!!!!!!!! PS: Sorry about my messy hair :P)

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