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written on Thursday, July 14, 2011 @ 8:28 AM ✨{ 1 comments }
Hello pretties! I've been into blogging (I guess?) and Gyaru make-up nowadays. I think I've been blogging about it straightly. :P I didn't think that this will be addictive although I'm not someone you can call a PRO. :)

Anyways, just to share you my first attempt of using falsies.

Last night, I just stumbled upon tumblr to see some Gyaru photos specifically my two faves; Mizukitty and Okarie. :3

I so love Okarie's gyaru eye make-up style! She's just so cute with it! * 3*

See? She's so dolly! *squeals!*

And I soo love the way she dresses herself! I wanna follow her fashion style. :3

The next photo inspired me so much that just making your eyes be emphasized and pretty will make you so much prettier and so dolly-like! Well I think it is what GYARU all about. :3

AFter seeing that photo, I sat in front of the vanity and tried the gyaru eye makeup to myself. I wonder how will I look like just emphasizing my eyes.

And this is what it looked like:



Big difference eh? So far, I haven't tried using BB cream, primer and concealer. I don't know where to buy a good one of those so I'm being good with just moisturizer and pressed powder. :3

I didn't put anything on my lips as well. I want this luscious-like lips but then lip gloss doesn't suit me. :((

Well, the following photos are just some over a hundred I've taken last night. XD

I am currently reading Anna Elliott's Twilight of Avalon.

My pout can't just get away. XD ^ 3^

Okay. I'm off to school now. I just rushed this post for I still need to study cos we have a quiz. :| I don't study that much anymore. XD

Thank you for reading guys! Comments are appreciated and loved.^^ Reading this until here is already a big part. THANKS! :*

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