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疲れた。。忙しい。。 Exam Week. T_T
written on Sunday, July 17, 2011 @ 8:53 PM ✨{ 8 comments }

Listening to Hatsune Miku's MELT.

Hello peeps! Gyuu~ I've been so effing tired since yesterday until today. On Tuesday, we're gonna be performing a modern danceas our Prelim Exam. Just great, we're gonna be applying cramping style and such and poor cute things I need to do this kind of stuff! :(( *cries* I easily remember the steps but hardly follows to the beat. And one more thing, they told me I've been moving so girly- have soft sway of moves and squeaky-girl-like hop. >.> Pretty great. :( But, I feel so good dancing again! ^ 3^ I've been dancing before when I was still in grade school and just stopped when I was in high school. I had low self-esteem when I was in high school so I wasn't able to do what I really want nor improve it. This upcoming week is our Exam week so I think I'll stop my habit of going on-line everyday and focus on my studies. I've been getting oh-so-low scores from a couple of quizzes I've taken and I was so depressed TT_TT I hate how net-surfing rots my brain. :||

Yesterday, our NSTP class was great! I mean, we got a couple of activities making us not sleep again on our places. The gym where we usually held our NSTP class was so loud! People started to run and scream and get crazy of turning off the other else's candles. XD The candles were needed to be protected by the group so you'll earn plus points. Unfortunately, we didn't make it. Yet, at least we were able to kill off others' candles. *evil laughs* Bwahaha. LMAO

Our next activity was determining what type of Leader you are. *sucks I know* Then I got a lot of blue w/c was representing "Phlegmatic" type. Idk what it literally means but I got these few *for these are only words I remembered* descriptions of being a Phlegmatic type:

  • Quiet
  • Good Listener
  • Responsible

AFter our class, we headed to the main building of the school for our dance practice. Ugh, they kept on teasing how I have this soft moves and not giving just a bit of force. But it was so kind of them to eagerly teach me the moves and lead me- although I was pinpointed to be the leader. :| I feel inferior. >.> I was so haggard when I got home yesterday and spend almost an hour in the shower. きもち~。。 ^ o^

Then today, something happened here at home so we weren't able to go to our meeting place at the exact time. And yet, my group mates still waited for me and I feel so guilty! I don't like being a burden to someone so I feel like crying that time. But I show my tears no more when we finally arrived at my classmate's house. I don't want them to think of me as a crybaby. >.>

My classmate's house was pretty big and very decent. Like a millionaire's place I can say. Got heaps of rooms everywhere serving as one room per person and I think they got a couple of rooms for the guests. Outside their house lies a beautiful garden which has butterflies flying on the meadow. On the side of their house there was a bench w/c was like shaded with falling streaks of a certain tree I cannot defined. XD Geez, I find it so hard describing scenarios. >.> Well, that classmate of mine is currently courting my cousin, Kim. They just met yesterday, though.

Well, I'm off to read and study then will head to bed now. Thankies for reading!

I'm gonna be off and away for a week for a whole-week study. :*

I think I'll be featuring Hatsune Miku here on my blog from now on. She's just so adorable and amazing! Love her songs :3

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