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written on Friday, June 17, 2011 @ 7:30 PM ✨{ 2 comments }
Tonight, I'm going to my cousin's soon-to-be wife house for a night party (tomorrow's the wedding) and something terrible happened to me. It was really my fault not taking lunch on time or moreover, not taking lunch at all. I was sort of used to it last semester so I didn't mind doing it again this time. But I think my tummy has changed a lot and it cannot endure an empty stomach anymore. I was like in pain for a longest time and I feel like I wanna go to the hospital. :( I was like thinking of the night party and I might end up having an operation. Huwaa~ scary.

I'm not gonna skip any meals from now on and in fact, I'll add up some snacks between regular meals. hoho~ :)

I'm off to the party so I'll just check you guys out tomorrow night, okay? ^^

I bought a book written by Doughlas Pagels, by the way. I've been wanting to read a lot of books but since I'm entitled of being lazy, it's being such a hindrance.

I'm gonna make a review of the book I just bought after I read it so I just hope you'll check it out. Being a bookworm is so much fun especially when those books are not just fictions yet very inspiring and brings strong impact towards readers' real life. :3

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