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written on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 5:43 PM ✨{ 7 comments }
I know some of you guys have tagged me and have given me awesome awards. 미안해~ I can't post it at the moment since I'm still coping up with the things I've missed here. Been doing some personal posts for some time then will do the tag and award post in the future. :3 I promise, I'll post it all. I feel grateful to receive such things from you guys that I cannot afford to deprive everyone's kindness. Thank you! 사랑한다! <3 <3

I'm gonna be posting the things I've received and did this June. Well, I remember Joanna telling me that so yea. ^^

It's not that I received tons of things but what I've obtained this month is really precious lah~. On my birthday, I bought few stuffs. I've been wondering of buying the things I want and mom just gave me an allowance for that. For that, I was able to buy few of what I want. I feel like I received em all from her since she's the one who gave money for me to buy those. <3 엄마-님, 사랑한다~

2 medium 구미끼 (decorated) tapes, set of 구미끼 tapes, Rilakkuma mini sling bag, bunny pouch bag, flower-printed hairbrush, 2 kawaii stationaries, cute correction tape, 1 pink journal, and a cased memo pads.

I got the pink bear plushie from Kim, my cousin I'm talking about with my earlier post.

I did some little renovation with my old phone that I'm still using until now. It's case is pretty ripped and broken and the it got some scratches already. I don't feel like letting it be repaired because it's pretty costly. - 3- Then I saw my old scrapbook designs and came up with using it on my phone.

Front view. Looks little messy, deshou?

The scratches are pretty visible. :| 어떻게? TT_TT Lotsa pink! So fascinating in my eyes! * 3*

That's all for now. ^^ Will do some replying afterwards. I hope I can finish 'em all. :) Hwaiting!

PS: I so love Playful Kiss! Wae Kim HyunJoong so adorable? <3

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