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written on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 @ 4:29 PM ✨{ 0 comments }
Hello readers and fellow bloggers! Kyaa~ It's been a while since my last post, kkeutji? ^^

Well, PC and netbook ain't fixed yet so I cannot update regularly like I've been doing before. :(( On-going of taking the techies for check-ups and school just started.

But anyways, I've been wanting to post something again for the longest time so yea, I'm taking the opportunity. Besides, it really bothered me not updating my blog. :|

Yesterday, June 13th, was the start of classes. I feel not like wanting to go to school yet but although I've been eagerly praying for that, I just can't have the time in my hands and I wish I could have though.

Yesterday wasn't a bad day at all. I went to school pretty early with my cousin who's been transferred in my current school and I feel sorry for her accompanying me all too early when her classes will start at 10AM. She kinda felt a little awkward with how flag ceremony is being held in our school because it is decided to sing new pop song after singing the country's anthem and reciting some pledge. "I need you now" song is currently up in the school. Mianhae, I have no idea who sang the song but I'm pretty sure it's an american pop song. After a while, the school director have cited a little welcome message to old and new students. Ah, I'm not pretty sure with the things he has said cos it was pretty blurry and I wasn't really paying attention. :P

The ceremony ended at 8am, time for my first class. We went up to V-303 room but it was already 20mins of waiting yet the teacher hasn't come yet. Then we stroll around the campus to know what's going on; people kept on staying outside their classes then spending time in the main yard of the school. It was then I realized that what the school director has said was that the student's vacation will be extended for 2days for the school didn't expect such blast on student's population this semester. And the students are killing their time chit-chatting inside the campus for the mall across the school haven't opened yet. Well, that's what I have hunched. :PP

Pretty hot that day so we decided to cool ourselves in a restaurant although it'll kill off our allowance :|. We ate slowly like turtles so we can spend more time inside the well-ventilated restaurant. Maa~ That was pretty tricky and costly. :PP By and by, the mall was already open and we took our chances entering first. We first hopped by in a shop where they sell cute stuffed toys and plush straps/charms and I spotted what I want for that day- Lilo and Stitch's Angel alien plush strap! ^^ Well, I can't say it's a phone strap since its' girdle is not like something to use for phones yet for bags, keys and such. But it really doesn't matter at all. I can just replace it with phone strips at all, deshou? ^^ I felt smarter that time. HOHO~ We bought two of it and my cousin and I felt like in heaven! Kyaa~ The first plushy we both have. :3

We visited Watsons. I called mom that we're gonna be spending our time in the mall for we don't have regular classes yet. She told me she's gonna be there too since we're going to have fun. :PP

After an hour, she came. Jeez, an hour of walking is a pain. But I didn't mind since mom treated us with 14mm lenses. I got blue green ones and my cousin have purple. It was my first time putting lenses on my eyes so me and everyone else have a hard time teaching me. :| I felt my eyes getting teary and blurry all along after I put on the lens. My eyes didn't get dolly-like unlike my cousin. Wae yo? Is my eyes that big, eh? O_o

We went a lot of places. It caused 10x more pain in my feet. Although wearing comfy high-top shoes would help a lot, it's not really like that when you're not fond of walking and walking. Since we stopped by in 2 optical shops, my mom decided to get her eyes checked. She frequently gets migraine and her view often gets blurry too! The two ophthalmologists confirmed she has Astigmatism causing her migraine and blurriness. So now, she'll probably get her framed-and-graded eyeglasses today. ^^ The ophthalmologist spotted my phone when I was texting. She told me where did I the skin of my phone and I just told her I only used scrapbook designs. She looked stunned with my phone and even teased me, "You hate pink, do you?". :)

Kim and I

A schoolmate (one that confessed to me) since I was still in highschool texted me. We are in the same city so he was like asking me where am I. Geez, I didn't think of him stalking me but he just sent me a message of what I did wear that time. He definitely saw me yet I didn't see him. How so? Have no idea. He told he saw me from behind.

Our last destination was in HBC Hortaleza, a kind of beauty-products shop. Mom has been appointed to have diamond-peel-something-like-that in that shop and can't really refuse since it's beauty-related one. Well, who doesn't want to defy aging right? :PP Just did some photo-whoring stuffs again. I can't upload much of it since I can't find the USB cord of my phone. :| Hassling things is disliked. :P

See alien Angel of Lilo and Stitch? ^^ 너무 초아~ <3

Aww. I remember, I didn't get the photo wherein we both have our alien Angel. :(( Will upload it some time once I've found my USB cord.

So yea, I've done a long post again! Kyaa~ I feel good doing this! Until my next post! I still have some things to tell you~

I've missed you guys! I'll be back very soon. :3

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