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written on Monday, June 27, 2011 @ 5:15 PM ✨{ 2 comments }
Hello guys! I know I have been so not good for letting a long time pass until my next post which is now, is this. :3 *I got confused with that* O_o XDD

I wasn't able to give ya a post after my last one because school have showered us with tons of school homework and reading assignments. Have I ever told you guys that there are 4 Dean's Lister in my block/section? Geez. It made my butt stuck in my seat. I barely raise my hand now and barely talk. I even heard one of classmates calling me weird. Geez :| That's pretty harsh, le? *sobs* Lots of my classmates now are pretty attentive and smart. And I really don't have much of company there making me stuck my nose with books. Pretty unfortunate for me, deshou? :(( I swear you, I'm pretty on my own at the moment. There are these two girls who talk to me nicely and we become good acquaintances. But I'm still longing for my guy-friends I had last semester. They are easy to get along with plus, they always make me laugh.^^ They look grade school pupils still kidding around. :PP I even enjoy their generosity of giving me some answers during quizzes and such. Hoho~ I'm bad in some ways, I know. :3 Aah, I specifically said guy-friends because I don't have much of a friend that are girls last semester. That is why.

Despite of my unfortunates in school, I'm still a teenage girl who just admire and get a crush on with someone. There is this guy in our room that I got my eyes on now. Well, to state some of my 1st impressions of him, he's pretty decent to look at. I mean, he has this tan complexion, a black hair that shines like a porcelain when illuminated, dress so fashionable and such. Well, he's not much of a Leonardo-de-Carpio-look but he looks neat and decent. About his personality, he's so feminine, I mean, in some ways. Just like, he's not a blabber during class sessions. He listens and that's it. He laugh so soft and cute! Like, he'll just curve a smile and tada! My heart will get tremble. Hoho~ I haven't seen him laughing out loud like err. There was this time that I was about to gaze at him then I was taken aback for he gazed at me first! o.o Feel like my cheeks were burning like hot pancakes. Not to mention he's one of the Dean's Lister I'm talking about. *heart thumping* And I remember we were seatmates on the first day of class.^^ I didn't mind him at all that time, not knowing that I'll like him as days will go by. Hoho. Geez, I sound like so in love, aren't I? Hihih. :PP

Last June 24th, I've been struck with fever, colds and cough because I got drenched on the rain while we were heading back home. 3: Tomorrow of that, June 25th, I still went to school although it was raining bad. I kept on sneezing and coughing while discussion was ongoing. Hoho~ Pretty much attention seeker like. :PP

Then last June 26th, I've been hit with 40degrees high fever. :( I've been attacked by my asthma until now. I barely can breathe. I always have my tranquilizer for I always needed it every now and then. :| Then that night, I uttered something about school and about him. Mom was like flaring because I was hella sick already yet all I did was thought about school and about him, not seeing him on Monday, June 27th. :PP

Then I saw him today, he still makes my heart flutter as always. :3 He's so..... awesome.^^

Enough of that, Last June 22th was my ever loved idol's birthday.

Well, I hope you already know which is my love there. :) I felt bad not celebrating his birthday yet because I'm pretty broke. :(( Bad time for fangirling, indeed. But I did promise myself that I won't let miss this year not celebrating it even if it's late. :)

Well, I have to end this now. As you can notice, this post is pretty in mess for I got struck with my laziness. Gonna catch up later!

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