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written on Wednesday, June 15, 2011 @ 8:33 PM ✨{ 3 comments }
Dear awesome readers and bloggers out there. I'm gonna be doing some random posts for awhile and currently won't be replying on anyone's comments and tags. Even so, I'm gonna do the reply thing once I've loosen down my busy schedule. I'll pay you a visit as what I've been doing before so no worries! ♥♥ Love lots~

Last night, my little sister an I had a little argument regarding with with using the computer. After sometime, she decided to just visit the internet cafe to satisfy herself. Then she's been left there with our cousin for a couple of hours and when we went back to fetch them, they were gone! We looked everywhere; all internet cafes, asked the drivers around if they've seen them, secretly went back to house to check if they were already home but no! We can't find them. It was then I blamed myself for being such a childish sister to her. I've been mean and bossy towards her lately and I know it pisses her off. That night, I've thought of things that might happen to her. Shivers run down to my spine. Goosebumps and such! I was pretty hungry that time but I didn't feel it anymore. After an hour of strolling around the street, we've found her talking to her bestfriend in the middle of the night. I wanna slap her and tell her she shouldn't have done that! But I just shouted at her and suddenly calmed down myself.


Today was the official start of classes here and what we just did is orientating. ^^ I don't like some of my blockmates but it's pretty good to see my old classmates whom I befriend with. :3

I've found an old photo of mine last school semester and I thought that I've changed in terms of appearance and my phone's. :PP

LEFT (Precedent): I had a straight shoulder-length hair looking pretty with a clip.
RIGHT (Current): I've had pigtails and the way I dress now is pretty different than before.

I wonder if shoulder-length hair suits me better than having wavy short hair like what I have in the CURRENT.

Well anyways, I'll just end this post by sharing you guys some photos of me (with Kim) taken last June 13th and today, June 15th. :3

Take care everyone! ♥

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