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June 21st.
written on Tuesday, June 21, 2011 @ 5:59 PM ✨{ 8 comments }
Will do a short post of what happened today.

Kim and I have a big differences between our class schedules so we are really having a hard time planning what time are we going to take lunches and such. Today, she had her first subject at 8AM and mine on 9.30AM. We went to school together and I waited for the time to strike at 9.30 for my first subject which was Modern Communication. Unfortunately, it's going to be moved on MWF-days 12:00-1:00PM so my await for my first subject on Tuesdays will be prolong for more or less, 4hours and no lunch time on MWFs. :((

Today, I was able to meet Kim at 11AM since I got dismissed with my first subject earlier than what I expected. We were able to have our lunches @ Greenwhich which is my favorite restaurant ever! They serve Italian cuisines and I think their specialty is their mouth-watering, luscious, tasty and very delicious LASAGNA. :)) I can have 3servings or so of that meal. *drools* I'm getting hungry again. hoho

This was my meal today. Heavy meal set. Lasagna, a sliced pizza, toasted bread stick, and pizza fries.

Kim having her pizza. :)

I didn't take a photo of me because I was pretty shy snapping a photo of myself in public. :3

Today, I bought a novel book as well at a cheap bookstore. They sell secondhand books still in very good condition in a very cheap price. So I tried to buy myself a book which I can read for days. It's a novel which the story revolves in love, action and suspense. I love heart-throbbing stories so yea. :3 I bought it for just $2. :PP

I'll make a review of it sometime. :3

So until my next post! Thank You :">

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