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Douglas Pagels: 30 Beautiful Things (Review)
written on Monday, June 20, 2011 @ 7:00 PM ✨{ 2 comments }
I'm gonna do a review of my new book as what I've said with my precedent posts. I just don't know if books need some reviews like this or something. :P

I've stumbled upon a bookstore in a mini-mall and books of Douglas Pagels and Susan Schutz gained my attention. I supposed to help my cousin in buying school supplies but I just dropped by at the book section for almost the time we got there.

"A collection of thoughts
about all the things that
make you so great!"

The book is very thin having just 48pages or so. It's not a lecture-like book but it's a book that contains only inspiring thoughts, sayings and quotations. 1 quotation each will give you a satisfying feeling or should I say, a wonder of how you should feel towards yourself. It's about being the brightest among all.

Some of my favorite quotations are these:

You have so many possibilities ahead.

You know that life is filled with options.
You can travel in the direction of those
things that will make your heart glad.
It may take awhile. And you may need
to deal with things you'd rather not dwell on.
But if you want it bad enough, your
courage will carry you to a brighter day.
There is always a way... to get to the
place where you can live the life you've
always wanted to have.

You are someone everyone should admire.

There are many things to admire
about you, but one of the nicest
is that you do the things you do
with an inner strength and a special
kind of love.
That's just the way you are.
You give life a gleam that most people only
carry a glimpse of.

I hope you guys got touched with Douglas' quotations like I did. Well, I think I should stop looking down on myself and start appreciating every little thing I know I did the best. :) You guys, too. You may not hear all the compliments you deserve, but someone knows it. He's just there, looking at you, His child. :)

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