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written on Sunday, June 19, 2011 @ 7:32 PM ✨{ 0 comments }
Finally I've got to get a chance of posting once again. I was on for a while last night but didn't think of posting an entry since I was all exhausted. And I'm home, btw. :3

Yesterday and the day before it was a lot of fun! It started when my tummy has stopped from aching. :3 And and, I tell you, I danced on the dance floor! :PP Didn't have a luck of taking a photo about that though. I just did some little swaying of my hips and clapping of hands. :P Was that call a dance? *laughs* But I looked weird on the dance floor. May acquaintances who were with me was like teaching the hell out of me to dance better. :| Well, it's how I dance, deal with it, I thought. :P *grins*

But mood swings went different. I felt a little irk in my heart (?) when I saw my crush and my cousin having a wonderful conversation. Geez, I know it's very childish of me to get jealous but I wasn't jealous, was I? >.> I didn't afford to sit beside my cousin for it'll ruin their night. And I couldn't afford to just sit and listen to them, right? Ahh~ I think I was indeed jealous at all! :| I felt like that since I never had a good talk with my crush. I mean, I'm very timid and shy unlike what I am acting here in cyber world. The more I get talkative and active and so energetic if so here online, the more I am shy and wont talk at all in person for I really have fear towards people sometimes. I'm the opposite of what Kim (cousin) is. So all and all, I'm introvert. Get over with that, I just read the book I recently bought that day and went to sleep.

After the night party, the wedding was held yesterday, June 17th. I was one of the bridesmaids. ^^ A gay did my makeup it was a mess for me so I remedied it. Fuu~ Neither the gay can put eyeliner too. TT_TT

Move on, we're already in the church. I didn't have any accessories with me since I forgot to wear some when we were still in my soon-to-be cousin-in-law's place which is now my cousin-in-law. :P Tons of photos will be ahead of this. :3

The newly wed couple. Hoho~ Blood-related with the guy btw.

The bride with the bridesmaids. I'm the third from the left. I look weird.

With Mark, my partner:

Resolution ain't good. It's a developed photo and I can't scan it. Actually, Mark wasn't really a groom's man but my partner didn't appear at that moment so he rushed to get an extra suit so I won't be left alone walking in the aisle. Well, that was just my hunch why he became as my partner. :PP At least my point of view, not his. :P

With Kim:

- - -

They surely have a lot of kissing scenes that day and I feel awkward. It's just that, I can't believe that my cousin who is just few years older than me just got married! = 3= And to tell you guys, they're still teen, probably 18 that's why.

Taken on the dedication of the newly wed couple's baby. At the backyard.

I so love this photo! :PP

From L to R: Me, Daniel and Ryuki.

My super lovely goddaughter, Gabriel Mnemosyne/Gabe. She's so cute not to mention she's so suplada (brat). I mean, she doesn't talk to someone whom she barely knows and she's boyish. She prefers guns than dolls. She wears male clothes. :PP But I love her still, although I barely get to talk to her because she refuses.

I'll just make another post for Gabriel's photos and some things about her since this post is getting long and longer. :|

To sum it up, IT WAS GREAT AND MEMORABLE. <3 I was even joking with my family that I'm gonna get the bride's bouquet no matter what happen for I wanna be the next bride. My mom's ears was like flaring. *laughs so hard* But I did stop the moment my mom was about to hit my head with her curled fist. :P I wanna post about my crushes and love-related stuffs but... NVM. I still don't have the guts for everyone might misunderstand me. Okay. I was hungry the time I started this post until here. It took me hours doing this post for internet connection is so dang slow. :| Will grab a plate or two of tonight's meal course. :PP Jyaa~

By the way, have you noticed my new hairstyle? Hehe. I got some full bangs and short-trimmed hair, still layered. Ugh, I think it doesn't suit me. I miss my hair before. Suits me right for always cutting my hair whenever I visit the salon for mom often stays there as well. Hoho~

Does it suit me?

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