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YanYanJump @ Keyhole
written on Saturday, May 21, 2011 @ 10:56 PM ✨{ 7 comments }
Hello guys! Ugh, I'm being attacked by my super power, laziness. But anyways, I've managed to post an entry, pretty cool deshou? *laughs*

This night, I've watched YanYanJump (Japanese show) via Keyhole for the first time. I got excited and happy and giddy the time I saw Inoo's face. That's what I can call, happiness. ♥ I kept on pressing "Print Screen" on my keyboard to snap a remembrance of the show and of course, his face. :) It's important because I've watched it while it's streaming and I won't have to wait for it's downloadable file anymore. X3 Unless I need a copy of it.:PP

I wasn't able to understand what I was watching properly because it's in Japanese and Keyhole was pretty lagging. :|

So yea, you're having a peek of what my Desktop looks like as well. :PP

You can pretty see (or not) 10 photos of my love. I counted it. Tell me if you counted the same, ne? ^^

My google chrome's tab was open on Facebook where I spazzed and chatted with co-fangirls who're watching as well. You can't really see the conversation but I kept on saying "Kei's cute! OMG Kei! Blah Blah Blah~" ^o^

I'm a busy Fan girl.

I have a plain pink desktop wallpaper because my screen resolution is 1680 x 1050. Pretty wide, huh? It's because I'm using the TV as my PC's monitor and it's 24" or so. = 3=

I wasn't into this blog today, too. I'm currently making a separated blog for my fangirling life. :)

Here's the layout for my upcoming fangirling blog:

Lmao~ The blog was covered with his faces. :PP

I've used Mary's code for me again then edited it so the format of my two blogs are pretty the same. :)

And also, I'm thinking of bringing back my shoutmix. :| I can't seem to find enough bloggers leaving tags. > 3< *cries* Gaah. I'm being out of what to do. What I want now is to read something. Fictions, or anything will do. Ah, fictions and stories will only do. Hihi~ Recommend me some please? Thanks sweetie! :*

As much as I don't wanna be bothered by the news that the world is going to an end, I can't help myself. Tell me, is it because I unconsciously have little faith and it's being eaten by my fear? Huwaaaaa~~ > 3< I don't want this. PRAY. PRAY. PRAY. That's all I, we can do. God bless everyone! Keep safe~ ♥ You're always loved by God and me. ^^ Chuu~~~~~~~ :*

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