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Valentine's Night.
written on Wednesday, May 25, 2011 @ 8:58 PM ✨{ 21 comments }
Hello guys! I'm gonna be posting the fiction I've made last February. I was pretty bored and could not find any fluffy Inoo Kei x OC fictions so I re-read my work and tada! The playwright's satisfied! :) The story is pretty simple yet it really made me smile. I didn't know I can make something like this.

Oh well, before I spill and spoil the details, let me post it now and enjoy your time reading it. ^^

Comments, suggestions and corrections are loved, btw.

I ain't a pro in writing so please bear with my inadequacy of interpreting and picturing scenes.

Pairing: Kei x OC

Kei went to the kitchen and headed to the living room. He sights no sign of her. To her room, he walked towards. It was locked. He began to get impatient. It was already 9:00PM in the evening and she hasn’t come home yet. Plus, he’s starving. He grabbed something to eat from the fridge but just a piece of chiffon bread was there. Just a piece of it? He thought then just ignored the bread. He laid to the couch then grabbed the Let’s Make Pastries book his girl's been reading when they are together. Holding that book doesn’t mean he is interested of it. But instead, he’s annoyed. He just wants to throw that book away so nothing will get her attention from him anymore. Very jealous, he is like that when it comes to her. He doesn’t want anything or anyone to budge between them. He’s sweet-bitter type. 9.30PM when he heard a knock and a sound of an opening door. Sounds spooky but he stood still. He wonders if that’s a ghost or just a mouse. He shook his head when he thought that a mouse can’t just hold a knob and open the door. He grabbed the blanket on his side then slightly covered his face with it. He is scared, indeed. He heard light footsteps walking towards him..

“Tadaima!!” She said cheerfully scaring Kei off.
“Happy Valentines Day~ Inookun.♥” She said as she attempted to peck on his cheeks. She failed since Kei was startled that he threw himself out of the couch. She giggled, more like, she burst out laughing.
“Y-you just got home!! Do you know how to r-read time?!” He said angrily and at the same time, shaking.
“I had to … I had to stay a little l-longer at the shop. It is valentines and the, you know, the m-manager just doesn’t want to release m-me off. You know, I handle all the pastry stuffs in the shop” She hardly explained.
“So you traded our time together in this very special day just to make money?!” He said recklessly.
Her smile vanished. Kei was shocked with what he said.
“I-I d-don’t mean it like that” Making alibis.
“Have you eaten yet?” He changed the topic.
She was so mad that she didn’t say anything but giving him a deathly glare, she’s mad, making him go shiver for more.
Silence took its part. He doesn’t spoke any words; he is sulking yet afraid of her. What the hell has gone to my mind to say that thing, he thought. She dropped the box and walked away. He pick up the box, it’s a cake. A cake he had never seen before. It’s a cake with lots of cherries on top and chocolate icings on its side. But he’s quite sure the cake is a vanilla-flavored one. What makes the cake so special is that, it is Kei’s kanji name shape. He remembered that she used to put Kei’s name on every cake she makes as a trademark and now, it’s the bread of the cake that is shaped into his name. He doesn’t know what to feel. He had hurt her feelings, in this Valentines Day; when all she did was to surprise him, give him the best. He ran to the stairs and luckily, he had goaled to grab her hand before she can enter her room.

“Let me go.” She said. She’s really hurt that tears were washing her lashes.
“No..” He said with full concern. His eyes were straightly looking at hers, telling her that he is sorry, that no words can expressed how sorry is he.

She’s crying, helplessly crying. Kei thought that his heart might gonna explode any minute. She’s hurt in this special day and that’s because of him. How will I comfort you? He asked himself still looking at her in pain.

He pulled her to him then hugged her tightly. She’s budging herself to get away from his grip but it’s too tight.

“I don’t want any other things than you, Kei. You always knew that..” She cried like a baby, burying her face on his chest.
“I’m sorry. I really am. I was so impatient and mad and starved of waiting for you, clueless with what you might be doing.” He hugged him still, didn’t move even a single one. He’s too sorry that he wanted to just hug her for the rest of his life.
“I recklessly said those bashful words yet you were just thinking of me all along.” He said.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I’ll come home late. You were waiting for me that much.” She lifted her head then looked at his eyes.

He moved his face closer and slowly reached for his lips. She stood still but didn’t respond. He landed his lips to hers once again and this time, he kissed her for long. Still no response from her but he knows her heart is beating fast going along with his heartbeat. He retrieved his position back understanding the reason of her not responding. After all, it’s their first kiss. He held her hand then escorted her to the living room but not long after, she kissed him on his cheeks, a reply he was waiting for with his kiss awhile ago. He responded her by pecking passionately on her forehead down to her nose and to her lips and at last, she gave in. She accidentally bit Kei’s lips making him moaned.

“Sorry~♥” She giggled.
“Hey, you didn’t leave something for me to eat while you’re away.” Kei brought up the topic.
“Let’s just say I did that on purpose” She playfully said.
“You silly thing. Happy Valentines, baby” Kei greeted her with a love in his eyes as he was holding the cake.
“Happy Valentines~♥.”

- - the end - -

Yay! You've made it to the last. Hihi~ :P

So, what do you think?

Thanks for reading BTW. ♥

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But anyways, I failed to replaced my header with that cos it sorta small. So yea, will try better next time. :)

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