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Unexpected grade + Little sis' gyaru eyes
written on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 8:17 PM ✨{ 0 comments }
Yay! I was kinda hesitating if I'm gonna post this or not. Well, I know that updating has no limitations but don't you guys think that I've been updating too much? *giggles*

Last night, my mom handed me my transcript she got from my old school. It took her a semester before she have completed getting my transcript. That was pretty crazy. I've finished the 2nd semester yet the school have released it just now. Ugh. I don't know what I supposed to do with that now.?

But that's not the thing. Well, I've took Bachelor of Science in Accountancy as my 1st course (I'm taking up IT now! *waves* ) . Geez, I don't know how bad I am in Accounting subject. I did my very best during prelims, midterms but all I am getting from my professor was a pretty pitiful 70 grade. I know, I am not really smart or something. But hello~ a 15year-old 1st college student will encounter such intermediate-or-higher-than-that accounting problems? >.> I was really down that time until now that I got my transcript. Well, Since that semester has done until now, I didn't know what was my final grade. But I was taken aback last night to see that 84 grade across the Accounting blah blah Subject. YAY! I did pass! Hoho I almost jumped into my place! Ahh. I think I really did that. I've been screaming and dancing and squealing and dancing and ugh- I can't remember anymore. XD

I am very thankful to God that He has given me that grade. Ah. He didn't let me fail one subject deshou? All the gratitude to Heavenly Father.


I envy my little sis. She can make her eyes like a gyaru without using dolly circle lens nor false eyelashes.

I don't have cute big eyes like hers. * 3*

Oh well. Mom prepared chicken soup so I'm gonna dig in myself for that.


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