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Stubborn Hearts
written on Tuesday, May 3, 2011 @ 6:31 PM ✨{ 1 comments }
Hello! I'm back with a new post. Happy? Yes I am and I'm very excited for this entry.

I have thought, after this post, should I make an archive of the song covers I have done? I mean, I haven't posted a list of my song covers on any of my blogs yet although I've been posting some, one by one. Oh well, everything depends on my LAZINESS. :DD

This morning, I was able to finish the fan fiction I've been currently reading these past days. Well, it didn't take me a week to be done with it since I'm pretty much eager and so badly desperate to know what's gonna happen next.

As usual, it's a Daragon-love-teamed fan fiction featuring Wooyoung as Dara's leading man next to Jiyong. I'm not really fond of reading fictions other than DaraGon or 2ne1 and Bigbang-related fictions.

And yea, I've got used with Hagocimit's superb english vocabs that sometimes, I'm getting tedious reading plain English fiction ones. But eventhough I've been into Hagocimit's English, after I've read her fictions, all the new words I keep on remembering and learning during reading her fictions was being washed away from my mind. It's not really fair. >:/ At least, I can have my brain a dictionary in it so I don't have to use thesaurus every time anymore. How can she be so good at english and at the same time, in making life-taking stories? (Okay. That life-taking word was a bit exaggerating. LOL) I think, God has made her to be a fiction novelist. Maybe next to Dan Brown? Wah. Now I'm getting envious. Suit myself. :/

The fiction is about a girl's stubbornness and a guy's endless patience towards her. How she tries to get rid of him but suddenly misses him. How her life gets in a big danger and as much as she doesn't wanna ask for his help, she doesn't have a choice since the guy was secretly devoted to her. How lives has been spared for her safety. How she got addicted with parting her lips with his. How she recklessly finds herself PHYSICALLY AWARE of his sexiness. How he always becomes a human from his robot-like personality whenever she's around or the atmosphere's about her.

Okay. Enough of spoiling the story. Keke~

I really can't help but to spare some tears a while ago. Dang! I really got carried away. And until now, I still can't get over.

Last night, I wasn't able to have a good sleep because I'm thinking of what might happen next. Unlike before, I didn't stay up late for this fiction because I cannot afford bigger and darker eye bags anymore.

I was kinda regretting that I haven't read this fiction before. I mean, I am proud to say that I was able to cease her 60+ long-chaptered fiction and it's part 2. I think Stubborn Hearts was just ahead before the part2 of the 60+chaps fiction that I have read before.

I was able to finish the fiction with it's Rated PG ending. I wanna refrain myself from reading more love-making scenes but I didn't. I just can't hold back because a love-making scene was about to pollute and stuck in my head like every scenes of the fiction do. I guess, reading fan fiction doesn't have any exemption at all. Such a relief it wasn't a harsh one. hoho~~

I think I have said too much about this thing already. I don't feel like ending this post but yea, I need to.

In case you wanna try to read the fan fiction, here's the link:

Hagocimit's Stubborn Hearts

After you've read the 1st chapter, I probably bet that you're gonna be unstoppable from it. :PP

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