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May 12, 2011
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@ SM Rosales
written on Sunday, May 15, 2011 @ 10:09 PM ✨{ 15 comments }
Kyaaaah~ I'm home from mall. Uh, I arrived home hours ago. Hihi~

Today, we went to a far mall, SM Rosales to be exact. It's an hour away from my place if you're going to take a FX or van. But before that, we visited the church first. It's more important, ne?. We arrived at the mall around 11am, I think. We first stroll around the mall before starting the mission. LOL Aigoo~~ My feet hurt a lot. *sobs* Until now, it's still aching. I can't step my feet on the hard floor. :(( I was wearing a high white thong without knowing that we'll be spending hours walking and walking so that's what I got. I ain't used with wearing high shoes so I did have a hard time. Next time, I'm gonna stick with flat shoes. I swear that.

See? I'm chubby too. But it's okay.

Me, while they were busy shopping.

Coleen and I @ the washroom. I pout a lot don't I?

With mom.

After shopping and walking like there's no tomorrow, we took a break and we decided to fill in our tummies with savory foods at Classic Savory. Although, I didn't want to eat there, mom told us to just to because of the 2plates of shanghai rolls she got as a freebie. XDD

I camwhored while waiting for the food to be served.

After some moment.. TADA! Food is served.

Shanghai rolls, buttered fried chicken and Classic Savory's specialty, Lomi Soup are served for us.

As the food was served, I dug in myself. Ahh~ I was so hungry that time. *nom nom*

After eating, I camwhored again. Then there was this little kid I spotted taking photos of me! He has taken a photo or two I guess. I was froze for like, seconds. I lowered more the cap I was wearing trying to hid my face. I'm not pretty. Geez~ I feel like a celebrity though.. LMAO~ JK JK

By and by, we went back to the department store to buy school supplies for the upcoming school year. Omo! Summer is nearly over! *dies*

We didn't took so long and we went home.

These are the things I've just bought:

  • Skechers hi-cut shoes
  • 2 bunny phone straps
  • Rilakkuma pencil case
  • Pink Heartstring backpack
  • King Jim DM16-80 KGl2 notebook
  • Lotus Pink Highlighter

Aigooo~ Won't I be mistaken as a preschooler and not a college student? LMAO~ So childish. I can't stop myself from being attracted to PINK. I keep buying stuffs that are pink. I'm afraid I won't be able to refrain myself from doing this. Any tips about this? Thanks~

THANKS FOR READING! Comments are loved ♥


Btw, this is gonna be an advance birthday gift for me.

I asked a skecher shoes for my birthday and there I have it. :)
Still hoping for more on my exact birthday though. LMAO~ XDD


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