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May 12, 2011
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Scammer or not?
written on Monday, May 16, 2011 @ 11:47 PM ✨{ 4 comments }
Today, My mom and I went somewhere; the clinic, my school and the mall. It's her schedule for her check-up and I just went along with her so I can enroll myself now. Despite that I'm pretty loner in real life, I don't appreciate much of loneliness.

I took hours enrolling myself without tagging mom along with me cos I find it so awkward. I asked her to just wait in the Centrum of the school.

I saw 2 of my classmates there. I was happy to see them and him again. ♥ But I was pretty shy and not in the mood that time so many things really went wrong. Like, my subjects the employee enrolled me was pretty advanced and wrong. I still have some left subjects that I haven't enrolled yet last semester due that I shifted my course. So I'm gonna be taking it this semester. International Block. :(

My I.D. picture was a disaster! My classmates and him was there so I got very nervous! I hate it. The photo turned out having me a disheveled hair and lame smile. Kyaah~ It's really wrong. :/

After that, my mom and I visited the mall across my school to have new haircut at "Ystilo". I don't really like the hairstyle they have done to me. Disaster - it's my day. - 3- But my mom's new hair turned out good. More like, she's good in carrying any style so it's an advantage to her.

We got starved so we dropped by at Greenwhich to have some lasagna and pizza fries. Aigoo! Lasagna is my favorite! I savored every moment I had with the cuisine I was digging in. ♥ But mom was pretty disappointed cos she was pretty expecting a bigger sized lasagna than what was served to her. *laughs*

I can't really pass out of the mall without having shake of Zagu. Of course, I grabbed a grande size of Cookies 'n Cream. ^^ It's the best! It's been months I haven't had a sip of that beverage. ♥ I felt like I was in heaven for a moment.

My mom was away when I was waiting for the shake to be served. She came back with a coupon on her hand saying "Free face stretch massage roller". I told her that we should get one cos I really haven't seen one of that thing in real life. :P

We were brought in the marketing's show room. They started discussing us some of their products. Mom was offered to sit in a massaging chair while I was offered on the foot massage they have. I was delighted cos it's a perfect time for my still-aching feet. I continue sipping my shake while the promoters kept on blah blah-ing. Then they asked my mom a question, what does their product promotes? Health, environment, or necessity. I told myself "environment" without second thought. But mom answered health. And tada! Mom got it right and I was dumbfounded! O_o I was pretty sure with my answer but I was wrong. Lmao~ They said that their products promote Health. :)

So, mom had a chance of choosing among the envelopes being hand out in front of her. If she gets blue coupon with 500, it's NOTHING. Or if she chooses the envelope with the promoter's photos, it's still NOTHING. Mommy chose the 3rd envelope from the left and she got a BLUE coupon. Everyone was pretty disappointed because she didn't get any. But a moment later, a promoter noticed that the coupon wasn't really NOTHING at all. It has 2000php discount and some free items detailed on it. Mom was going to receive a massaging chair with the little massaging thing I saw the promoter holding! But there's more! She has been asked few questions again and she got all 3points right rewarding her to have 2more items! OH MY PINK! I was really taken aback with the sudden luck mom got! I almost jumped to my place but I didn't. They told us that it was the highest privilege they will be giving out so far because all of the items they're gonna released is very costly.

But it was stated there that she must AT LEAST buy one of their promoting items to have all the items she have won there. Mom was down because as I've said, all of their items are very costly but the things she have won was also too much. She was in a big dilemma that time. She chose the energy blah blah electric gas stove that was the most costly item they've been selling. It costs PHP56,900 (1325.41$). The price made our knees weakened. But in the end, she said YES. She's has been giving out a slip telling that all the items will be reserved in the marketing until we're done installing payments for the item. Mom handed out 2000php (47$) as a reservation and first installation for the items.

After sometime, we left the show room with doubts. We are thinking if we have been scammed or something. What do you think? Are we? Aigoo~ single penny counts! If only not for that face massage roller, we wouldn't be there. I think it's my fault. :((

Anyway, I'm gonna end this post with an old cover of mine.

Hope you can listen it out sometime. ^^


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