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written on Monday, May 23, 2011 @ 5:10 PM ✨{ 12 comments }
Hello everyone! *waved and did a butt dance* Lmao~ I don't even know how to dance. :P

Before anything else and jumping to the moot point of this entry, I want to give an account of something about my experience reading rated fan fictions.

I've stated on my last post that I feel like reading fictions or stories. Last night, I've stumbled upon LiveJournal to check out the fan fictions they've been writing there. Well, I started with the one-shots and InooChii (Inoo x Chinen) pairing. Not pretty bad although it has a semi-smut part. I was like O___O. Oh my, smut fictions are really new to me! I can't take every smutty words written there. I feel like dying. But it wasn't the worst! I've checked out ChiiTaro pairing and it was worse than anything else! Aside from it's yaoi (guy-to-guy love), the make-love scene was beyond what I'm expecting. Gaah. Felt like I'm gonna throw up anytime. I really have had a choice to not continue it anymore but I didn't bother to. It will just let me not to sleep not knowing what it's ending. I don't sound like a PERV or anything, right? Don't misunderstand me. :) After reading, I went to bed and sleep. My head was aching before I did some reading and by and by, headache just got worse that time. I woke up around 10.30AM and voila! headache's gone. ^^

Enough of that err. Last time, electricity was out for a day. Since I was pretty bored and got nothing to do, I've scanned our old albums to view and reminisce some moments taken via photographs and I've seen photos of the child me.

That's how I look like when I was 8years old below. Dark-skinned and chubby. I was a glutton since then. :)

Sorry, photos aren't in high resolution cos I've taken it using digital camera. :( Scanner was pretty locked away in the storage room cos we ain't using it that often.

This was taken when I was 9. Ugh, I know, I was a fat unattractive kid. I won the 1st princess place in a matter of contest that I can't remember anymore. :| I was a princess, before? o_O Lmao~ JK. o(^ 3^)o

Me, mommy and my little sister. My cousin in the 4th pic too! ^^ Since before, I was pretty fond of singing. :) Mom and I will have a duet song and daddy will be busy taking photos. :P Daddy likes singing too. :) Does anyone of you know M2M's song The Day You Went Away? He likes that song. ^^ He mimicked the way I sing it before. :| Gah, it's making me miss him more! *weeps*

*wipes the tears* Speaking of my dad, years ago, he was able to stay in my most dreamed place to go someday, Japan ♥♥. He took a month staying there because of their workshop needed for their work. That time, I wasn't into Japan and I don't know much about it.

All I can remember was, he pretty have enjoyed his trip there because of the stuff toys, souvenirs and chocolates he brought us home that time. ♥ Huwaaa~ Japanese chocolates are better than anything else! ♥ 3♥

Daddy told me that there was a time his co-worker wanted to take a photo of them inside the LRT and they've asked a Japanese kid to do it. They were like gesturing to the kid their request. And the smart kid understood. ^^

After taking a photo..

Co-worker of dad: Arigato.
The kid: You're welcome. *walked away*

Lmao~ That was epic! They even gestured for the kid to know yet he can speak English. :PP

Okay. I've talked a lot. Sorry~ I can't help myself. ^^

Comments are always beloved. ♥

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