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written on Sunday, May 29, 2011 @ 6:30 PM ✨{ 7 comments }
Yay! Done posting the major entries. Hihi. I feel relieved, but not so. I still need settle all tags and mingle with dear readers. ^^ Been pretty busy with I don't know what agenda lately. Fuu~~ TT_TT

Lately, I was sorta becoming hysterical because for days, I haven't seen my Blogger followers' faces. I mean, I always check my blog but the "followers" widget just won't work. Just glad that it's back again. I was pretty scared that I might lose all the bloggers who just followed me. Well, all of them are pretty important so I'd feel like dying if I ever lose them. :P

I'll try to catch up with a new short post next time. Long ones are pretty tiring for lazy bum like me. :P

[edit] Ugh. I forgot to tell you guys, it's been raining here for days and you know, it's really giving me good vibes. But suddenly, the lightning is scaring the hell out of me. = 3= I'd prefer thunders rather than lightnings. They really scare me off. Oldies always warn younger ones to turn off televisions and PCs when they've seen it's lightning. I wanna ask, WHY? DD: [/edit]


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