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My japanese + hangul writing :)
written on Monday, May 23, 2011 @ 9:13 PM ✨{ 23 comments }
After hours, I'm back with a new post again!

I took a rest by visiting my new followers' blogs then I spotted this photo kinda related to me and with other computer addicts. :)

From Tumblr via Blogger Trish

See that mark? Computer addicts usually get that mark, they said. Pretty cool, deshou? ^^ I have that also~

Moving on~

I took a photo of what I've wrote in my like-diary.

Jung Jinwoon :3 Saranghae~
Jin woon :3 Iloveyou~

Panasonic Lumix digital camera is pretty cool because it's like a DSLR. See? The photo was focused in the middle and the rest is pretty blurry and being a background of the image. ^^

That is how I write hangul or korean writing in english.

Kristen Rafaelle sarang Dong Youngbae~
Kristen Rafaelle loves Dong Youngbae~

Tell me, is there something error with how I write hangul and it's grammar? I'm still weak at it. = 3=

On the other hand, I've wrote kanji and hiragana too. ^^

The names say like this:
○ Chinen Yuri
○ Yamada Ryosuke
○ Inoo Kei
The one inside the cloud reads "Daisuki" w/c loosely means, Iloveyou.

Gomen ne~ I can't write all in Kanji. It's the most difficult writing in Japanese. :|

Ah~ They're not my hubbies, though. I only got one hubby. *grins*

This is how my hiragana writing looks like.

Ino-chan ♥ Kurisuten
Ino-chan loves Kristen

Closer view of 大好き!

Btw, this is a photo taken after we went to a resort and after I put myself in the sun for hours~

Didn't edit the color of the photo, only the frame and the hardness. ^^

Have a nice day everyone! :)

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