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Letter to my future kid.
written on Monday, May 30, 2011 @ 6:39 PM ✨{ 31 comments }

Annyeong~♪! I made a gif! Hoho~ It's a bit slow when I already uploaded it. Fuu~ TT_TT Making GIFs are really difficult and bothersome~ :(( I saw this entry from an awesome blogger btw and I just thought of making my own letter to my future kid as well. :3

Dearest my future child, mommy is writing a full-with-love letter just for you. It seems a little odd for I know I'm not gonna have you yet. Not now for mommy is still a teen, an immature who doesn't know how to take care of things. A reckless girl who still depend on her parents and doesn't know how to make better decision in life. Even so, I may be still a kid for now as well but I'm already looking forward for how will you look like and whose appearance you will have more. I think whether you come out as a lovely baby girl or a precious baby boy, I'll name you after your Daddy, Kei. Well, I aspire to marry him for I love him so much. I would be gratified if he is gonna be your daddy. He's the only one your mommy can dream of. He's currently in his sophomore year at a university just like me. I know he's a very responsible man and he has principles in life. I know, someday, he'll graduate and soon will have a decent job. A job that will make living for us. Of course, I will pursue to finish my studies as well for you, my dear child. And I know when that time has finally come, I can be as responsible as a mother can be.

After I give birth to you, I just want you to stay as adorable and a good kid as you can be. I'd be grateful to still live and see you growing up and learning rightful things. As I'm going to have you, I'll learn to be mature enough and set aside all the childishness in the world. For I won't care about anything other than you. For when I have you, I know, I have what I am looking for in life. I want to you meet your grandparents as well. I thank them so much for they've taught me things I need to know in life. They've raised me to be a wonderful child of theirs and when the time has come that I'm gonna be having you, I want to share every moment I'm going cherish with you to them. Behind my recklessness, I will protect you. Behind my self-centered life, I will still the same but it will be your life I would now care about. It's like a dream come true to me to have you and your future Daddy in my life. I may not be deserving enough but I am already thanking God for I know He already prepared you and your Daddy for me soon. I can't wait to spend the rest of my days with you. I promise to always be there through ups and downs. I'll help you follow your dreams and be come the person you want to be in life. I'm sorry if we can't meet each other at the moment. Please stay safe where ever you are right now.

Your future mother,

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