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Kristen @ Manaoag Church
written on Saturday, May 28, 2011 @ 6:28 PM ✨{ 14 comments }
Hello guys! I'm back with heaps of things to tell you guys! (^O^) I don't think I'll be able to tell it broadly cos I'm pretty spaced out at the moment. :P

But I won't ever forget to tell you guys about my awesome trip at Manaoag church. (-^□^-)

Last night, May 26, 2011, I slept around 1am. I don't know why. I was supposed to sleep early than that because tomorrow of that around 6AM, will be going to church. It was a special occasion of the church and my mom's pretty religious so she brought us along. I didn't get enough and good sleep so I really look awful. My eyes looked squinty because of the enormous eye bags I've had. But then again, it was really awesome because it was raining that time and it really boosted me up. Although it was raining that time, it was still very hot inside the church. We were sweating so bad that made us haggard within an hour staying inside. Plus, the number of people went there was pretty big. (  ̄っ ̄) After an hour and a half period of mass, we went to the paradise-like garden of the church. It's the most awesome place I've ever seen so far. ♥

(Heaps of UNEDITED photos ahead. Unless I stated it was, okay?) (^-^)

The first view I've snapped. It's so pretty, deshou? ♥♥

I don't think this is a shrine, though.

The view is better from here.You can really see the place much better.

The leaves are very greeny and the flower is so pretty! It still has the rain's droplets.

It was drizzling that time so the view and the light feeling the atmosphere giving us was very soothing. You might wanna spend the rest of your lives in the paradise. ♥

This is obviously edited:

After we got home, I snapped a photo of I, having my awful look. = 3=

I got bad eye bags and bad hair day. :P My eyes are pretty swollen up.

So much for this post. Hope you guys like it! (・∀・)

I've finished the story I'm making. Shall I post? I was wonderin' cos I've been doing such long posts every now and then and I'm afraid it'll slow up the loading of my blog. :|

Anyways, if you guys could make it, let's got there sometime together. ♥

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