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Julie's SOTM
written on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 @ 8:09 PM ✨{ 12 comments }
Hey guys! I'm gonna be joining Julie's SOTM contest. :) It will be my first time joining one so I don't pretty have confidence. But it's okay. Participants will have some prizes as well so I'm good. ^^ And I find it thrilling joining some events like this. :P

1. you must post about this, either copying this whole text or just saying that you've joined the contest, also leave a link leading to this blog.
2. the banner must be seen somewhere on your blog, it must be visible.
3. your blog layout does not have to be created by you, if the layout is created by you, it'll be even better. If i find that you're layout is made by you but isn't credited properly, you'll be disqualified from the contest.

What Julie will be looking for:
1. the layout. (the layout does not have to be made by you)
2. how you treat your guests
3. the kind of blog post you make

How to enter:
comment on this sotm post with the following:

Julie herself.

Important dates:
25th of May - 12th of June is when you can enter, no later between those dates
13th of June is when the contest is offically closed, no more particpants
14th of June - 19th of June is when i will pick the winners
20th of June - ? is when i will be making the prizes, i will post who the winners are when i finish the prizes

1st place: 1st place banner, 3 siggies, 3 doodle, 2 buttons, a banner that she will draw for their layout and a 6 month advertisement on the site
2nd place: 2nd place banner, 2 siggies, 2 doodle, 1 button and a 4 month advertisement on the site
3rd place: 3rd place banner, 1 siggie, 1 doodle, 1 button and a 2 month advertisement on the site

the rest of the participants: a participant banner, 1 siggie and 1 button (all of this will be designed by Julie)

Everyone can join so give it a try guys! ^^

I'm gonna be leaving you guys with the acapella cover song I've done last night at the bathroom. XDD

Keep safe everyone! ♥Kristen.


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