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伊野尾慧.. I'm missing you
written on Thursday, May 12, 2011 @ 11:25 PM ✨{ 5 comments }
Yay! Blogspot is ady okay *throws confetti*

Right now, I'm staring at my most loved's photo. I suddenly miss him. Like, miss him so bad.

His name is Inoo Kei (伊野尾慧). A Japanese celebrity. I know, I'm a fan. As always. I live my life spazzing and flailing my fave celebrities, both Kpop and Jpop. But Inoo Kei tops my list. Silly, I've been liking him for 2years and counting.

This is his current look:

He's the guy in blue. Pretty isn't he? Lmao~

I so love his "chuu~" Ahh. DaiKei moment.

I wonder if what he's holding is an iPhone.

More DaiKei moments.

Ah~ He looked like a real guy here. Hoho~

Spamming his photos make me lessen the longingness I feel for him.

How I wish Kitagawa Johnny will give him more exposure because I am eagerly waiting for it for almost 2years.

I'm proud of my baby (that is Inoo Kei XDD) because he's the only member of their group who's currently finishing his college. *islander dance* XDD

He's the smartest to be exact.~^^ He's sort of a flirt, though. XD Sorry baby.

He flirts with his co-members and flirts with me! :((


But I keep on letting it all pass when he's giving me those looks.

Yee~ sorry guys. I think this post doesn't make any sense at least, for me. I'll just make it up to you guys tomorrow. P R O M I S E ~


To: Kei

いのーちゃん、こんにちわ。あのう、いまげんき? ね、あいたいよ。わたしのむねがどきどきおかんじるよ。しってる?
--That's all. XD

It's already past 12am here but I'm still gonna download some 2AM songs. I badly need ballad songs.XD

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