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Friendship button Award!
written on Sunday, May 29, 2011 @ 7:27 PM ✨{ 9 comments }
YAY! There are now 2 awards I got this week. Pretty inspiring for me to blog more! Hoho~

○ No need to upload the button to your own server.
○ Give this button to 10 of your blogger friends.
○ Thank your friend who gave you this award.

I wanna share this awesome award to: Athena, Genie, Jean, Heyuan, Trish, Clarissa, Joanna, Grysh, Fanny and Patrish.

--> Dearest Bubbles and Luanne, thank you for sharing me such a good award. I don't think I'm friendly, though?!. But anyways, I appreciate this much. Hope to talk to you more guys! Kyaa~ I'm not really good with words. So I'm gonna end this up here to avoid telling you guys with awkward things. :PP Thanks again! ♥


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