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Fangirl (Sequel of Valentines Night fiction)
written on Sunday, May 29, 2011 @ 6:04 PM ✨{ 5 comments }
Title: Fangirl
Pairing: Inoo Kei x OC
Genre: Fluff, Angst

Baka means "stupid".

It was already setting out of classes yet there’s no sight of her. Just like before when it was Valentines, he barely see his girl’s figure. Here we go again, he thought. It didn’t cross his mind to fetch his girl today because he was too high thinking of being with her in the classroom. You know, flirting with her while classes are ongoing. He even have found himself giggling as he reminisce their first kiss; sweet-vanilla taste of her lips and the heaven feeling it gave. But his day has become dull and duller when every minute passes is like a forever and a day without her. He felt dejected. Damn, I miss her!

He couched his head on his desk and opened his wallet. He didn’t mind his teacher boringly discussing about attraction between opposite sex. How could that be boring when every student in the class has been attentively listening and participating in the class? He’s not with her so he felt alone. He smiled as he saw his girl’s photo smiling back at him.

“You little girl, you’re planning to play pranks on me again aren’t you?” He squinted his eyes while pointing out the girl inside his wallet. He sighed and packed his wallet inside his pocket again.

On the other hand, there’s his girl, lying down all day. She didn’t get the idea of how she got into her room lying on her comfy bed. But a smile just curved her lips when she thought of Kei. Kei must be dying without seeing her now. She remembered the last time how Kei bursted in anger at her because she went to him very late. Yee, scary!

She grabbed a box of milk downstairs and went back to her room. She was savoring the cold milk she got from the fridge while smiling back at Kei’s photo up her ceiling. Luckily, no one in the house yet have spotted it. She look ahead and saw more of her love’s photos sticked in her corkboard. Butterflies started forming in her stomach. After a while, she found herself getting bored. It was already 4PM when she decided to get some sleep. She didn’t thought that staring at her hubby’s photo for hours would be that tiring.


Kei was getting anxious and more anxious as he waited for the clock to strike at 5PM. If then, he can pay his girl a visit and keep up on why she didn’t go to school today. At last! The time is now in his hands. He get the lead out of the school and scurry went towards his girl’s house. He gave the buzzer a push and after some seconds, a lady in her 40’s welcomed him.
“Hello. Is your daughter home?” He greeted and asked the lady.

“Ah. You must be Kei.”

“Yes.” He smiled.

“Come in. She’s upstairs.” The lady escorted him inside the house.

“Thank you. Do you mind if I…”

“I don’t. Go ahead dear.” The lady gave her a sweet smile.

“Thank you auntie.” Then he went upstairs.


On the contrary, the girl heard a knock from her door that made her go back from the dreamland. She released a moan while stretching her arms a little. She was still half asleep when she heard couple of knocks again.

“Baby?” A guy spoke from the door. Of course, she wasn’t that dumb enough to not recognize that voice! Her eyes widened and she wasn’t half asleep anymore. She panicked, it’s him!

She, without 2nd thought, has jumped out of her bed that almost made her tripped. She reached for the corkboard and one by one tear out his photos from it! She was still busy tearing it out when the door knob swiveled.

“I’m coming in.” She heard a voice.

She hurriedly grabbed her pillow and prepared to throw it at the latter. She shakingly hide the photos in the drawer behind her and when the latter have finally went inside her room, she aim at him with her pillow.

“Ugh” Kei groaned.

“What was that for?” Kei asked her while picking up the pillow.

“Why are you here?” Her voice was cracking.

“You didn’t go to shool today, baka.” Kei hissed while he composed himself in a sitting position. She then, also sat on her bed across the guy.

“I was sick.” She excused.

“You don’t look like you were.” He opposed though.
“Hmph.” She pouted and the latter released a giggle.

Silence took it’s part for a while.

“I was insane and cannot focus in school hours ago cos you didn’t show up.” He reported while lying his back on the floor and his head on his hands, looking up in the ceiling.

“Serves your right, baka.” She composed herself lying on her bed then faced at the latter.

After a while, Kei’s lips curved a grin. She raised an eyebrow wondering why.

“What really brings you here?” She said emphasizing every word she uttered.

“Nothing. I’m just visiting my fave girl.”

She blushed.

“B-baka.” She uttered.

Kei suddenly went close and closer to her and that made her glued in her place. Their faces were just a kiss away to each other.

“W-what are you doing?!” She whispered, she’s trembling. She tried not too move for t will just reach the latter’s sexy lips.

“You’re such a fangirl baby, you miss a spot.” Kei sexily expressed, pointing his forefinger up the ceiling.

There then she realized she really missed a spot! Now she’s busted by her guy who’s laughing so hard with her clumsy action.

“S-stop it.” She blushed, feeling ashamed now. The guy have recovered from laughing have noticed his girl’s reaction. He felt bad with his sudden burst.

He reached for him and planted a kiss on her foreheard whispering..

“You made me happy, though. Very happy baby.”

“You were laughing at me.” She pouted.

“No, I was not. I was very flattered.” He comforted, caressing her hair.

“I feel cool, loved, and awesome because my girl have put a photo of me in her ceiling.” He added, having a teasing tone with the last 9words.

Then it suddenly rain. Her moodswings are up again and now she’s okay.

“It’s raining!” The girl went up from her bed and took a peek from her window, it’s really raining! She traced the raindrops drifting down from the window pane.

Kei then, went to her and hugged her from her back.

“You really love the rain do you?”

“Unn. As much as I love you.” She nodded, and the latter just smiled.

“How did you get home by the way?” Kei asked her resting his chin on her shoulder, savoring his moment with her.

“I barely can remember. The last time I can recall is I was with Yuri.” She replied.

Moodswings. He suddenly released his hug.

The girl looked up to him. He glared at her and his ears were flaring.

“Baby.” He stormed, still glaring at her.

“Joke.^^” Wide grin formed her lips while doing a peace sign.

------------ the end -------------------

So.. What do you think guys?

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