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written on Thursday, May 19, 2011 @ 8:09 PM ✨{ 6 comments }
Hello guys! I'm back from the outing yesterday! Whoo~ I've been darker than my usual mocha-tone skin. Wah = 3=

Anyways, since I didn't snap some photos yesterday, I'm gonna blog a fangirl-related entry. ^^ Exciting, deshou?^^

I was about to post other than this but I need to blog this right away. It's LOVE he mentioned. ♥


The thing with love -, for me, the love that I want might be over-sized, right now I'm craving for love. (laugh) Because I’m dried up on love, to everyone that’s coming to our concert, please give me your love! I will pour out loads of love to you guys so let us feel our love join together! Is that alone not good enough? Ah, it could be a pretty plain love. Recently I’ve caught the flu, for 2 whole days I’ve been staying home but, unexpectedly I thought that home is really heaven. I probably didn’t realize that it’s been some time since I last stayed home for so long, so, “I love my house!”.


I’m interested in what my dogs are thinking. My dogs, often gets mad at me and bark madly, and smacks me. It’s probably because when they are sleeping, I’d wake them up, and that’s the reason they are behaving like that. And also, the most puzzling thing is, when there is no one at home, when it’s just me and my dogs, they totally don’t use the toilet at all. Then, when someone comes home, they will do it. I wonder why they do that, it’s really intriguing. I wonder if they are conscious of me and holds it in (for his sake in front of his family)?


I don’t really have specifics for color and style, I try to wear various types. But I’ve quite a number of parkas. Though it’s not like I specifically like them or anything. I wear them regardless of the seasons. What I want this Spring…( points to Yabu’s personal clothes) this jersey!(on pg 45 for reference which I have no idea what is looks like) I want a bright colored and checkered shirt. Because I don’t really wear shirts, I’d thought I’d want to wear a Spring-ish shirt!


Recently my friend brought me to a Yakiniku shop, I at “onikunonigiri” (basically, meat onigiri, rice wrapped with meat) for the first time. Placing the raw meat on top of the rice, it’s really delicious. And after that, we went around looking for a ramen shop with my friend. If we were playing and to eat after that, it’s definitely ramen. Right now, I’m going to investigate if there is a shop near here. There are only 4 shops but, I think I’ll continue on from here.


My overview from this translation.

--> Love:

OMG! My Inoo-chan is craving for love! Does he have any idea that a girl he doesn't know that exist is willing to give her love for him? Ahh. No matter what happens, that girl will continuously have her affection burning towards him. Maybe sometime, he's gonna look back and see me standing and waiting to have his to be mine. I think he's been staying at JE building causing him to not stay over his house. AH~ His dogs might have been missing him so bad. --> Interesting:

I wonder why his dogs act like that though. Maybe because he rarely visits his home for a while. But it's really pretty weird if the dogs will act on cue right? Hehe~

--> Fashion:

Ah. If only I have a look of that Jersey he's talking about then I might have write more about it. >__< --> Eat:

HAH! The gluttonous is back! LMAO~ I miss the way he talks about food. ♥ Maybe sometime, we can go look for other shops together.

By the way, I've changed my first BGM. It's "Because I'm a girl" by Kiss. A korean ballad song composed years ago. ♥ The melody and the lyrics are pretty touching that you cry. Ah, it's music video will make you cry harder. :PP

Thanks for reading!
I hope you can drop comments and let me know what you think. Hihi~ ♥♥

Love from Kristen.

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