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Day 4 - Your Siblings
written on Wednesday, May 11, 2011 @ 2:23 PM ✨{ 1 comments }
I'm back with new post.. as always. *giggles*

How's everyone doing? I hope you're having a very nice weather like I do. Although it's not raining.

Day 4 is about "My Siblings". Aaah~ I didn't know that the challenge I've just joined has a lot of photo-ralated challenges. But even so, most readers are into entries that has photos, ne? Because it really catches the attention of everyone.

I got 2 siblings after me. I'm the eldest.

This is my little sister, Coleen.

Do we look close? Hihih~ We're close but we really often argue. I mean, we have the same likes so we often fight about it; fighting about to whom will that "thing" we both like goes to. Despite of that, we're pretty close. We often kid around and talk about our likes and hates. But she never opened to me her secrets although I know she's been keeping something about crushes and such. Ugh, I am her sister does she remember? Fuu~

And my little brother, Christian. (Hello~ I am the only K-lettered offspring of my parents.)

He's so cute in his toddler days. Bubbly cheeks~

Kyaa~ so cute! Ah. This photo was taken last 2007. Oh. I didn't know that until I've noticed. Yay! With Barney! hoho.

Me and him.

I like him so much. But he's really naughty. I mean, I often get mad at him because I can't stand the way he's getting so playful. But he's really sweet. He's not a self-centered kid. He always thinks about our mom's condition. Mama's boy they say. Haha

I hope you guys will leave some comments. Kristen is gonna wait for it. Chuu :*

I got new skin BTW! Thanks to Mary for making me a layout request just for ME! I so love her! I edit some of the codes too. :P

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